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Front Porch Finance is the video blog, or vlog, of Money Q&A. Join Hank Coleman for quick money talks from his front porch helping everyone easily understand personal finances.

1st Video – How to Save Money at the Movies

Here’s the first episode of Front Porch Finance (below) where I talk about how to save money at the movie theater in more detail.

There are several great ways to save money at the movie theater this summer like using credit card reward points and movie theater loyalty programs. Here are three of my favorite ways to save money at the movies.

  1. Check out movie theater loyalty programs
  2. Use credit card reward points
  3. Sign up for MoviePass ~

How to Ask for a Pay Raise Without Getting Fired

How do you ask for a pay raise? There are a couple of techniques that you can use to learn how to ask for a pay raise.



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