Three Financial Mistakes College Students Make – Radio Interview

If you could go back to your former self and give advice, what would you tell yourself? Have you ever wished that you could go back to yourself as a college freshman and change your ways or tell you how to behave differently? I sometimes think back to what I would have told myself about the financial mistakes college students when I was in college. I should have cooled it with credit cards. I should have had a budget. I would definitely have done a few things differently.

Find out about the best financial tips that college students need to know and financial mistakes college students make when I discussed the issue with Heather Moore and Ben Brashen on the Brashenomics Radio Show this past week.

This interview was inspired by my original blog post where I talk about thee three financial tips that every college student should know.

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2 thoughts on “Three Financial Mistakes College Students Make – Radio Interview”

  1. Thanks Hank! Bookmarked the video for later viewing. The only mistake I can think of that I would advise my younger self to avoid in college is not making up my mind on a good major. I majored in business and it hasn’t gotten me anywhere (every job i’ve had since is based on an entire different skillset). Accounting or Finance – now those 2 I should have considered more seriously, because I could actually benefit directly from learning to manage money or getting a job in accounting right away.


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