Yakezie Carnival for September 8th, 2013

by Hank Coleman

Welcome to the Yakezie Carnival and this week’s edition on Money Q&A. For those of you that may not be familiar with Yakezie, it is the largest personal finance blog network on the internet. And, every week a member of the Yakezie network hosts the Yakezie Carnival where personal finance bloggers submit their great blog posts and articles to the Yakezie Carnival.

Here are the best articles and blog posts for this week’s Yakezie Carnival:

Yakezie Carnival and Network

Michelle @ Making Sense of Cents writes Should you buy or rent a home? – It seems like a hot topic in the personal finance community is whether a person should rent or buy a home. What if you’re not sure if a house is even right for you? Maybe an apartment would be better? There are many factors to think about before you buy a home.

Roger Wohlner @ The Chicago Financial Planner writes Choosing A Financial Advisor? Ask These 6 Questions – Deciding to hire a financial advisor can be a tough decision for many investors. Once you make this decision, how do you go about finding the right advisor for you? Here are six questions to ask when choosing a financial advisor.

Wayne @ Young Family Finance writes How to Find the Right Auto Insurance for Your Family – Been a while? It may be time to shop for a new auto policy.What you need to know to find the right auto insurance policy for your family.

Hank @ Money Q&A writes Three Reasons Why Your House Is Not Selling – What can you do if months and months later you’re still stuck in the same place after being unable to secure a sale? You are sure to be wondering why your house is not selling.

Mrs. Accountability @ Out of Debt Again writes How to Automate Your Finances – Sometimes I feel like a massive accounts manager just handling my personal family’s finances.

Joshua Rodriguez @ CNA Finance writes How To Make A Budgeting Spreadsheet That Makes Budgeting Fun – This post is a very detailed tutorial that walks people through the process of creating a budget spreadsheet. In this post, Joshua Rodriguez talks about the need for a budget spreadsheet that works for him and builds one taking screenshots step by step so it’s easy for others to repeat the process!

krantcents @ KrantCents writes 12 Things that Successfully Convert a Great Idea into a Reality – 12 Things that Successfully Convert a Great Idea into a Reality. These are the things that work best for me.

Brent @ PersonalFinance-Tips writes Best Tips on Saving Interest on Your Home Loan – Saving money on your home loan is very easy if you strategize properly. Many people concentrate so much on the interest rates when shopping for loan. They forget that even the other features are very important. Below are tips on how to save interest on home loans: Paying in lump sum.

Mike @ Annuity Rates HQ writes Is an Annuity Right for Me? – Since annuities are complex, they may have been simplified too much by some financial advisers which incurred horror stories ending in lawsuits. However, it is not because some investors got fooled by their advisers that annuities are evil. Annuities can be customized according to your personal financial situation. You can also combine more than one product to make sure that everything is covered.

Tushar @ Finance TUBE writes 5 Tips On Saving Money In The UK – You want to save money? Here are a lot of plain ways to make considerable savings on your normal spending, which could clear your debt of the British credit card many times over in less than a year.

Bargain Babe @ BargainBabe.com writes How to start couponing the easy way – You’ve seen the shows on TV about extreme couponing – basically a money saving contact sport. But how do the rest of us coupon without it taking over our life? With just a few tips…

Mr. Utopia @ Personal Finance Utopia writes Are Paid Vacations Really a Job Benefit? – Companies always tout paid vacation benefits. How much of a benefit is it though when extra work piles up while you’re gone? Read tips on how to mitigate.

Debt Guru @ Debt Free Blog writes The Key to A Second Mortgage: Pros and Cons – There are many pros and cons to getting a second mortgage. Read here for help and information on the dreaded/savior second mortgage and how you can use it.

IMB @ Investing Money writes Investing in China – A Time for Caution – The Chinese economy is in a state of transition. Investors, time to watch China’s banks carefully! Read here to learn more about China’s economy.

CAPI @ Creating a Passive Income writes The Reset Button: When to Declare Bankruptcy – Although filing for bankruptcy is a difficult decision, there are several red flags on when it’s time to start fresh and consider the option. Read here!

Kyle @ The Penny Hoarder writes Company Car or Car Allowance: Which one to choose? – One of the employment benefits most often talked about in Australia must be the company car. It’s a valued benefit, but with a variety of options due to tax law changes back in 2002, it’s hard to tell what is the right choice for you. Let’s walk through the two options…

Don @ MoneySmartGuides writes Making College Affordable – How can we make college affordable? The first step is to limit student loans. That might sound crazy but…

Tushar @ Earn More and Save writes Tips On Setting Up A Bank Account Whilst Abroad – Offshore banking is frequently linked with a high point of financial superiority. Nevertheless, the truth is that the common person can set up an overseas bank account with only some hours of work.

Eva Baker @ TeensGotCents writes Real Estate Careers – Shopping With Sarah – Sarah shares about her latest adventure. After reading, you may want to check out real estate careers yourself. It’s like being a personal shopper!

Robert @ The College Investor writes 6 Ways to Survive in College on a Tight Budget – College is one of the most exciting times in your life. It is also one of the most stressful, overwhelming, ulcer-inducing experiences you can imagine. And if you are like most college students, money is tight and time is limited. Learning to manage your money, however, can help lessen the stress you’ll face as a full-time scholar.

Robert @ Beat The 9 to 5 writes Are Side-Entrepreneurs The Weakest Link in the Company? – In the intro, he said something that really struck me – my boss fired me because he found out about my side job and figured that my heart wasn’t all into the company. That sucks…but it got me wondering – are side hustlers and side entrepreneurs a weak link the company?

Lauren @ L Bee and the Money Tree writes My Complete Employment History, and What I’ve Learned – Ever wanted to know what I did before I became “L Bee and the Money Tree?” Well here is my complete employment history.

Robert @ Kids Ain’t Cheap writes The Importance of Unplugging – As I sit here and write this post sitting beside my husband, half paying attending to him and half trying to get work done, I am reminded once again of the importance to unplug once in a while

Christopher @ This That and The MBA writes Money Saving Tips For College Students – Most students have experienced the difficulty of saving money from over the summer at their summer jobs. Usually the amount of money parents give them is just right for their needs and other school-related things and when there is something left, it is not enough for the personal purchases the students want to make.

DW @ Great Passive Income Ideas writes Passive Income Opportunities You Can Take Advantage of From Home – No matter what your financial situation is, there are plenty of passive income opportunities that are easy to do right from the comfort of your own home. Here are a few you can start trying now.

Mr FD @ Financial Debauchery writes You Don’t Have Any Emergency Money? How Dare You! – You wouldn’t jump out of an airplane without a parachute, would you? They why do you go day-to-day without a stock pile of emergency money to take care of a disaster if one arises? Here are some tips for manning up and being prepared financially!

Dollar @ Easy Extra Dollar writes Avoiding Scam Online Job – While looking for a job online can make the technique much simpler and faster, there is a hidden danger involved in going about finding a job in this manner. Each day, limitless job seekers are sucked in to risky online job scams. These scams will often take their funds or their savings, but they won’t, in any way, shape, or form offer these individuals a job.

Crystal @ Budgeting in the Fun Stuff writes 45 Activities with Kids on the Cheap – Here is the list of 45 activities with kids that I’ve come up with that can be done even with a tiny budget. Cheap children’s activities.

Little House @ Little House in the Valley writes The Part-Time Worker Trend – The cheery headlines in the news today, such as “Hiring revs up, bit it’s mostly part-time, low-pay” and “Here’s who’s really living with mom and dad,” prompted me to write an article proposing solutions in an ever increasing part-time worker economy. Notice the tongue-and-cheek reference to “cheery.”

Cat Alford @ Budget Blonde writes How to Make Your Dream Holiday Within Reach – If you want to go on a dream holiday but can’t afford it, here are some tips to make it within reach!

Tushar Mathur @ Everything Finance writes Three Tips to Prepare Your Family For the Cost of Aging – Admitting that your loved one is getting older is hard but not as hard as trying to figure out how your family will afford the overwhelming costs associate

Ryan @ Cash Money Life writes What You Wear Matters … When You Shop – Dressing the part can play a large role in getting a good deal, or being treated well by store clerks, especially in high end shops and car dealerships.

Amanda L Grossman @ Frugal Confessions writes Get All those Sexy Nutrients for Less – Sexy drink beverages, supplements, and super foods sourced from exotic locations—the Amazon, the Himalayans, the Andes—and promising amazing benefits have flooded the grocery market.

Lindy @ Minting Nickels writes Modifications that Add Value to a Used Car – Just as new granite countertops can improve the value of a home, the right modifications can boost your car’s value.

Mike @ Personal Finance Journey writes Quick Ways to Decorate your Bedroom on a budget – Easy simple ways to decorating your bedroom on a tight budget that still gives that new bedroom feeling.

Ray @ Squirrelers writes Knowing Your Limitations Can Be Financially Beneficial – Being persistent and staying with it can ultimately be beneficial in many cases. However, in other situations it just might be more profitable to cut your losses and move on!

Mr. Frenzy @ Frenzied Finances writes Finance Tips: 10 Things I Wish I Knew When I Was 20 – There are some things you just don’t know when you’re 20. Read here for the top 10 things 20 year olds should know on finance.

Ted Jenkin @ Your Smart Money Moves writes Are You Getting the Benefit of Low Natural Gas Rates? – Are you getting the benefits of low natural gas rates? You’d be surprised how much it can save you.

Harry Campbell @ Your PF Pro writes Another Tough Run In With Best Buy – Even though I often see a lot of negativity towards Best Buy, they are still in business and somehow opening more stores than they’re closing. When was the last time you saw one of their stores go out of business(a la Circuit City)? I have even noticed a trend of lower prices at Best Buy over the past year or so that seem to coincide with when online retailers had to start charging sales tax.

Harry Campbell @ The Four Hour Work Day writes Vacation is More Meaningful When You Have a Job – I’ve often found that returning to work after a long and restful vacation is one of the most depressing feelings on earth. I know you’re supposed to feel refreshed and relaxed after vacation, but for me, going back to work is what I dread most about vacation. It’s not like I’m thinking about work during my vacations, but when I’m back at work I can’t help but remember how much fun I was having the week before.

Martin @ Don’t Throw Money Away writes Make Money By Switching On Your Laptop – Earn money through the internet without picking up a second job!

Esther @ Bons Vivants Blog writes Valuable Lessons To Teach Your Kids About Money – We send our children to school at a young age, so why not teach them about finances from their early years too?

Ashley Lennon @ Skint in the City writes Would You Wear Clothes then Return as ‘Unused’? – Would you wear clothes then return them to the shop to get your money back? What about books and electrical goods? New research shows that many people do! Post explores this issue and asks, is it morally wrong or can the big shops afford it?

Jo @ Jo Money Blog writes Save Money On Your Grocery Shopping – Do you always overspend on your grocery budget? Here is my guide to holding on to those extra cents that will make all the difference.

THE BOSS @ Like A Boss Blog writes How To Make Money From Your Garden – If you have a garden that you like to spend time in- why not try and earn extra income through the use of your garden?

JP @ My Family Finances writes How Important is Credit Rating of a Life Insurance Company – Most websites that provide whole and term life insurance quotes provide the insurance company rating next to the quote.

LaTisha @ Young Finances writes Jumpstart your Career with an Unpaid Internship – An unpaid internship can lead to greater experience and eventually, a paid position. Many college students and young adults look for internships after college.

Tushar @ Start Investing Money writes Living with Cash: Would You Spend Less? – Every now and then you read a report or story that suggests one day we’ll live in a cashless society. However many people would argue that it’s easier to spend less money when you live with cash instead of using credit or debit cards.

Jon Haver @ Pay My Student Loans writes Romance while you still have student loans? – If you’re trying to aggressively pay down your loans, your better half should not bother you about purchasing material items and other things that will deter you from obtaining your goal. Make certain you have your financial situation out in the open from the beginning.

John @ Ourinsurancecanada.com writes 3 Biggest Mistakes Canadians Make When Buying Insurance – There are mistakes people make that can cost them a lot of money. Buying only the minimum, lying on an application, insuring your car and home separately and forgetting about your credit rating are just a few mistakes that are made.

Taynia Aarnink @ The Fiscal Flamingo writes How To Find The Time To Get Out of Debt – Sometimes life gets in the way and you’re too exhausted to deal with the complex schedule of budgeting, tracking expenses, couponing and the other endless tactics to get out of debt. Here’s a quick tip to pull you out of your funk.

Tony @ We Only Do This Once writes When Paying Down Debt, Downsizing, Decluttering and Simplifying Allows Your Universe to Open Up – Anyone who has read this blog long enough knows about my transformation with finances and my relationship with “stuff”. Along the way, I have (hopefully) helped others as well with this notion. But I never would have guessed that it would all lead to where I am today.

Daniel @ Sweating The Big Stuff writes The 5 Worst Ways to Save Money – There are some good ways to save money and there are some bad ways to save money. Do not go too far in your quest to save!

FI Pilgrim @ FI Journey writes Considerations When Waging A War On STUFF – Having a sparsely decorated, neat and tidy house has been more than worth the effort of waging a war on stuff! In this post I explain the obstacles we faced.

Matt Becker @ Mom and Dad Money writes Buying a Car: Setting a Budget and a Timeline – This is the first in a 6-part series on buying a car. Today we talk about setting a budget and a timeline for your purchase, both of which set up a framework that focuses your decision-making process and will help you make a better final choice.

Monica @ Monica on Money writes Free TV, Just Like It Used To Be – I gave up cable 7 years ago and estimate that I have saved over $8400 by not having cable.

Buck @ Buck Inspire writes Don’t Hesitate When Opportunity Knocks Ian Ziering – I must confess back in the day I was a fan of 90210, who wasn’t? I wasn’t big on Team Dylan or Team Brandon but who wasn’t on Team Steve Sanders?

Holly @ Club Thrifty writes A Career in Sales Isn’t for Everyone – Have you ever considered a career in sales? Read this post for one man’s story of how it didn’t work out like he planned.

Barbara Friedberg @ Barbara Friedberg Personal Finance writes MBA Class: Time Value of Money In Financial Decision Making – Net present value makes financial and investment decision making more accurate. Use future value to compare spending and saving.

Daniel @ Make Money Make Cents writes How to Live Within Your Means but Still Live Well – If you have any doubt that Americans love their credit cards then all you need to do is look at the latest Federal Reserve figures showing that we have nearly $860 billion worth of credit card debt to our names.

Andrea @ So Over This writes Several Good Reasons to Not Contribute to Your 401(k) – A very common piece of advice that is given about retirement is that of maxing out a 401K plan at work. More than a few people, including professional financial advisors, will tell you that this is a way to make sure that your retirement is truly golden.

Lenny @ Best Money Saving Blog writes The Cost, and Risk, of Long Term Care – When you are working on your retirement savings, ask yourself this question: do you think that your nest-egg could take a half-million dollar hit?

Justin @ Digit Fox writes The Different Methods of 3D Printing – Many people have asked about the different types of 3-D printers and 3-D printing methods on the market so we put together a blog post to explain a little bit about those methods and printers and how they work.

Matt @ Budget Snob writes Why many good people have problems following sound financial advice – The basics of personal finance is very simple. But many people do not follow the rules and that has led to some of the most difficult financial times in generations.

Oscar @ Money is the Root writes The Best Investing Advice for Newlyweds – The simple fact is, couples who educate themselves about investing and set goals for savings not only increase the chance of being able to take a second honeymoon someday, but also that they\’ll head into retirement not only still together but in excellent finance shape.

Jay @ Daily Fuel Economy Tip writes 10 Tips to Save Gas Today! – People truly love their cars and the freedom that they give, but with gas prices nearing ridiculous levels, everyone is feeling the pinch at the pump.

Danielle @ Saving Without A Budget writes Simple Steps to Jumpstart Your Finances – With all of the financial advice that we give here on our blog, people always want to know where they should start.

CT @ Carpal Tunnel HQ writes Types of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Exercises – Carpal tunnel syndrome exercises for your arms, forearms, wrists and fingers may help to prevent carpal tunnel or help alleviate some of the symptoms. These exercises are also used as types of therapy after you have undergone surgery. If are currently suffering from numbness and pain, it might be best to talk with a doctor to prescribe medication or the possible use of a brace or splint.

Jack @ Money Saving Ethics writes Investment Advice from one of the Best Minds at Morgan Stanley – Morgan Stanley is arguably one of the best investment and brokerage companies in the world today and have at their disposal some of the best minds in the world when it comes to investment strategies.

Amy @ Money Mishaps writes Shop at Warehouse Clubs? Avoid these pricey mistakes – Warehouse clubs like Sams Club and Costco are some of the most popular places to shop in the United States today. But avoid these mistakes!

Bob @ Dwindling Debt writes The Best Tips for Solo Entrepreneurs – If you are a solo entrepreneur, you have many more responsibilities than the average working guy or gal. There are a few things that you definitely need to do when you work on your own in order to be as successful as possible.

Lily @ Paying Debt Down writes Finance Tips for 20 Somethings – The average 20-year-old is being forced to make many more financial decisions than ever before. The ones at the beginning of a career are especially important.

Katie @ IRA Basics writes Benefits of a Budget – Budget. It is a dreaded word, not one that instills ideas of grandeur and immense fun. It is also a word that is often neglected, an idea that most of us would rather not think about.

Sam @ The New Business Blog writes Choose the Right Bank for your Small Business – If you are an entrepreneur and getting ready to start a new small business, one of your first tasks is going to be to find a bank that helps you to achieve your goals.

Minimalist @ Minimalist Finance writes Setting a Home Maintenance Budget – Setting a Home Maintenance Budget has been published on Minimalist FinanceFirst time home buyers don’t always consider all of the expenses of purchasing a home. In reality, it’s not just down payment and closing costs that can cost a lot of money, what happens after you sign those papers can also cost you a pretty penny.

Roger the Amateur Financier @ The Amateur Financier writes 10 Items for Your Last-Minute Travel Checklist – A list of things to take while traveling, including money, clothing, water, toiletries, clothing, passports, and medications if needed on your trip

MR @ Money Reasons writes Both Best and Worst Personal Financial Times This Year So Far – Oddly, I’m having both the best and worst of financial times this year from a cash flow perspective. Read why I’m in such an odd financial state of being!

Miss T. @ Prairie Eco Thrifter writes Reasons to Learn Another Language – I now regret my disdain toward my language class when I was younger. If I had embraced it, I may be more able to converse in the language now. There are many reasons why I’d love to learn another language at this point.

SBB @ Simple Budget Blog writes Is it Really Possible to Negotiate Lower Auto Insurance Quotes? – Like anything worth having, it will take a bit of work cheap auto insurance rate quotes, but those who are up to the challenge will likely reap the rewards. Here are the ways to go about it.

Brian @ Luke1428 writes How to Choose a Career – If you could face your 18-yr. old self again, what would you say in regards to choosing a career? Here are some helpful questions and considerations I wish would have crossed my mind.

Corey @ 20s Finances writes 5 Tips to Starting Your College Year Off Right – Heading off to college, whether you are a freshmen or a senior can be a stressful time. Packing up your belongings, saying goodbye to family and friends and then unpacking everything are emotional tasks.

Pauline @ Make Money Your Way writes How I make money as a DJ – This post will show you how Evan made $50,000 as a DJ.

KK @ Student Debt Survivor writes Budgeting for 4 Eyes – Today, glasses are a fun fashion statement. When I was in middle school, not so much. Keep your eyeglasses fun and frugal with these eye care budgeting tips.

Maria @ The Money Principle writes Taxing Issues on Tax Avoidance – Tax avoidance is habitually blamed on companies downplaying their need for profits. Governments allowing loop-ravines are equally, if not more, to blame.

Pauline @ Reach Financial Independence writes Would you buy a 5 bedrooms, $100 house? – Detroit is dirt cheap, is it time to invest?

GD @ MLIQ123 writes Key Man Life Insurance – Key man life insurance should be a consideration for every business owner, whether you work from home and manage other employees or own a small/medium-size business. Insuring a key employee, executive or partner in your business can cover the costs of recruiting, hiring and training an essential part of your organization, as well as provide the funds to buyout a partner’s share of the business. Check out our guide on key man insurance and see if it right for your business needs.

DPF @ Digital Personal Finance writes What to Do With Side Income – Everybody likes making side income! Once you make it, what should you do with it?

Daisy @ Suburban Finance writes Grow Rich with Real Estate – There is some money to be made in housing, and we have a practical guide as to how to be rich in real estate investing.

Luke @ Learn Bonds writes Would I rather buy a home or own $50,000 of bonds? – Here is a look at the connection between housing prices and interest rates and how to decide when to cash in an investment to buy a house.

Evan @ Financial Independence writes YNAB: You Need a Budget – Comprehensive review of YNAB personal finance software.

Matt @ Living in Financial Excellence writes How to Set Up Your Small Business Finances – Setting your business finances up correctly from the start can save you a ton of headaches down the road.

Grayson @ Debt Roundup writes Credit Cards Are Only Tools In Your Financial Toolbox – How many times do you use the tools in your toolbox? Do you feel good when you use your tool the right way and it achieves a positive outcome? I know I do. Today, I am talking about using your credit card just as it is supposed to be used, a tool in your financial toolbox.

Simon @ Airline Miles Experts writes 4 Common Credit Card Pitfalls and How To Avoid Them – A credit card is an alluring concept for many individuals. You can pay for the items you need or want without actually having the money in the bank. While credit cards are convenient and beneficial- they can also be problematic if used irresponsibly. Here are some common credit card pitfalls and steps for avoiding them.

Alice @ On Better Terms writes How Working From Home Can Actually Save You Money – Want to save money? Maybe start thinking of working from home. From take out lunches to shopping for work attire – there are a significant amount of dollars spent just to work at the office.

Todd @ Modest Money writes Are You Watching Mortgage Interest Rates Surge Through The Roof? – Have you been diligently tracking mortgage interest rates? You should. They’re surging. Recently all the way up to 4.625%. That’s the largest weekly increase in FIFTY years! Just in January mortgage rates were 3.25%. There was no way to predict that they’d surge up 50% by 1.5 percentage points in less than half a year.

John S @ Frugal Rules writes Should You Pay Off Debt or Invest in the Stock Market First? – There can be a fine balance between paying off debt or investing in the stock market first. The truth is that it’s a personal decision and one that will aid your wealth building, debt reduction and saving for retirement at the same time.

Jon @ Novel Investor writes Traditional IRA Rules: Everything You Need To Know – Everything you need to know about the traditional IRA rules (and probably some stuff you don’t) so your retirement plan goes off without a hitch.

Anton Ivanov @ Dreams Cash True writes 5 Reasons You Will Never Reach Financial Freedom – The vast majority of people will never reach financial freedom. Is one of these 5 reasons going to stop you from becoming financially free?

Mr.CBB @ Canadian Budget Binder writes August Net Worth: +1.90% The calm before the storm – This month I talk about how we did in August with our finances but I also talk about how much money we did spend on shopping at the mall and purchases such as a laptop. The point of the calm before the storm means that we can’t prepare for all situations where we need to go out and spend money but in some cases it is necessary.

Derek Chamberlain @ MoneyAhoy.com writes Quit World of Warcraft Today – Article about how I finally decided to quit World of Warcraft.

PK @ Don’t Quit Your Day Job… writes Are You Evil? Were Your Parents? The Public School Dilemma. – Surely Slate ran the original article in jest (or to troll for thousands of internet eyeballs), but hey, it worked. Here’s why private schools are far short of evil.

Jessica Moorhouse @ Mo’ Money Mo’ Houses writes When in Doubt…Go Back to School? – Remember when you thought you would get a job right out of school? Then remember how hard it was to actually find a job post-grad? Well moving to a new city is no different, and since I have a lot of free time on my hands job-hunting I’ve been thinking about going back to school.

Emily @ Evolving Personal Finance writes DECREASE IN PAY ACKNOWLEDGEMENT – I got a scary email last week about a pay decrease!

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