Are Your Family’s Retirement Plans Fighting Each Other?

Are your retirement plans fighting with each other?

How many retirement accounts do you and your spouse have? Do you both have Roth IRAs and a 401k retirement plan at work? Or, old ones from a former job? You may find out after closer inspection that your separate plans do not mesh well with each other. In fact, you may find yourself poorly diversified with a lot of fund overlap if you are not too careful. You may want to add several checks to your annual investing portfolio rebalancing this year to synchronize your entire family’s retirement plans. Here are some things to consider. Look at Your Family as a Whole One of the best ways to synchronize your entire family’s retirement planning is to look at the … Read more

6 Tricks to Help Pay Off Your Car Loan Ahead of Schedule

Car Title

Approximately 44% of American adults currently have an auto loan, which represents a cumulative debt load of more than $1.1 trillion across the country. Average monthly payments for these loans typically range from $350-400 for used vehicles and $525 or so for new vehicles, which is no small amount when you consider the alternative of owning an older car outright with zero monthly payments! If you want to be freed from your auto loans for good – at least until your next car, if you choose to go the finance route again – then there are plenty of ways you can speed up your payoff timeline and free up a few extra hundred dollars per month in your budget to … Read more

Ethos Life Insurance Review – Fast Approval of Term Life Insurance

What would happen to your family members if you passed away unexpectedly? This is one of the most-dreaded questions any adult could hear, but it’s also one of the most important questions to consider because doing nothing could leave your family on the hook for tens of thousands of dollars (if not more) for medical expenses, debt repayments and funeral costs if they’re dependent on your income in any way. Life insurance is the most common preventive measure against the severe financial consequences associated with losing one or more income-earners in a family. Not all life insurance is created equally, however, and not all life insurance companies provide the same quality of coverage and customer service. For instance, Ethos Life … Read more

Why College Students Need Renters Insurance

Renting with Poor Credit

Renters insurance is essential for anyone who does not own a home. Renters insurance is actually a misnomer. It really should be thought of as personal property insurance since it is designed to insure your personal possessions and not just for renters. It can apply to a wide range of other people, such as college students, storage unit owners, and many others. Since college students typically rent an apartment or live in a dorm room, renters insurance can be a valuable asset for them to have. Renters insurance will protect the assets they have. And, since replacement costs for lost, stolen, or destroyed items can be tough when you have a low income, renter’s insurance can help protect you and … Read more

A Financial Lessons From The Lorax By Dr. Seuss

The Lorax by Dr. Seuss

Like millions of other Americans, I took my two little boys to see the movie, The Lorax, this weekend. The Lorax is, of course, the big screen adaptation of Dr. Seuss’ famous children’s book of the same name. You can learn a lot of lessons from Dr. Seuss’ stories, and there are financial lessons from The Lorax that you can take away as well. I had actually never read the book before. I’m more of a Green Eggs And Ham and Horton Hears A Who kind of guy, but I have to say that it was a great movie that followed the book very close. I’m always impressed with moviemakers can turn a relatively short children’s book into a 90 … Read more

Why You Need Umbrella Insurance

Why You Need Umbrella Insurance

I’m scared to death of getting sued. We now live in a litigious society where everyone is very quick to sue anyone for almost anything. The potential damage to your personal finances after getting sued, even if you win the case, can be devastating. Oftentimes, your insurance company will settle a case for you, but you could quickly find your rates rising or your coverage being canceled altogether. There is one way to protect yourself from a potential lawsuit swamping your liability coverages on your insurance policies and reaching into your own pockets for the rest. Everyone should consider purchasing umbrella insurance to protect themselves and their families. Your Current Liability Coverage Is Too Small Most car insurance policies and homeowner’s … Read more