Why Are You Seeing So Many Ford Transits on the Road?

Why Are You Seeing So Many Ford Transits on the Road?You may or may not be tuned in to automotive trends, but it’s hard not to notice all of the new Ford Transits out on the street these days. For those of us who don’t follow this sort of thing, why are so many people choosing this vehicle? And what’s the common denominator between them?

The answer is: business. Or, more specifically, the ever-evolving American small business. Cargo vans have long been the vehicle of choice for the American small business person.

But until now, they’ve had a rather uniform appearance and function. You know the stuff I’m talking about. We’re talking Chris Farley, van down the river kind of vans. While these vans could certainly hold a lot of stuff, they weren’t exactly the pinnacle of design, efficiency, or versatility. Ford has decided to change all of that.

Why Are You Seeing So Many Ford Transits on the Road?

With the new Ford Transit, small business owners can finally get what they want out of a cargo van. The Ford Transit is available in a variety of lengths and heights, which will be useful for many different kinds of businesses which wouldn’t have use for your run of the mill cargo van.

They also have a few different interior configurations to choose from. Do you need to ship people?

Ford Transits can pack in quite a few in comfortable seats. Do you need to move lots of tiny hardware components to a job site? There’s a Ford Transit interior which has efficient and organized shelving, which will stand up to the twists and turns of the road.

Check out Ford’s ad campaign aboutFord Transits to see how a handful of real live small business owners used the Ford Transit to give mobility and style to their businesses. If you’re an entrepreneur who frequently takes your show on the road, take a look at the Ford Transit, a new way to scale your vehicle to your business.

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