John Hancock Investments: Raising the Ceiling on Your Investment Potential

Professional investors never go it alone. Even Warren Buffett has a trusted cadre of colleagues and quasi-apprentices. Each is meant to offer aJhonHancock different level of expertise in a different field. Because the world of investment is far too broad, deep, and varied for a single person to wrap his or her hair around, the professional investor has to employ a network of experts and money managers to take advantage of investment opportunities, anticipate difficulties, and always maintain the edge that made the investor successful in the first place.

But no investor can do this without the ability to manage a team of managers. And not just any investor can handle this level of scope. It’s a rare talent, and one that’s not seen very often in a single person. This is where John Hancock offers a rarified level of management prowess to professional investors around the world.

In their new ad campaign, a series of money managers is pictured, while a voiceover communicates their thoughts: passion for finding the best investments for their customers, deep involvement in the mastery of their craft. Then they all say they’re glad that they have a team that’s doing the same for them. This is the essence of John Hancock’s service.

John Hancock Investments is a network of experts, each with a diverse array of skill sets, which can be applied to the investment future of investors like you. Because no single investor can contain the entire world of investment knowledge in his or her brain, it becomes necessary to employ a team such as this: to anticipate and avoid trouble, to take advantage of the best opportunities, and to grow in every direction. John Hancock is a manager of managers. Let their stable of investment experts apply their knowledge to your investment life, and see how the results change your net worth.

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