Learn to Trade and Start Earning

Many people are looking for ways to earn money and create wealth fast. However, money earned quickly can often get wasted due to further impulsive investments. True Wealth Creation warrants patience and a reliable money making opportunity that will yield higher returns.

This is where stock trading comes into the picture. However, you need to remember that trading in the stock market is not a quick get rich scheme. You will have to invest time and efforts, and learn the tricks of the trade to earn money.

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Why Invest in Shares?

Share trading gives you an opportunity to make a living without putting too much money. You can invest in multiple segments such as stocks, options, futures, contract for difference (CFD) among others. Additionally, the arrival of the World Wide Web offers the convenience to trade stocks from your home. However, you should get acquainted with the basics of stock trading to harness real benefits.

Tips on Stock Trading

First of all, get familiar with the types of trading strategies. You should get familiar with positional trading, day trading and long-term trading. Understanding these strategies will allow you to formulate your own strategy to trade stocks in line with your particular preferences. While day trading is supposed to be the quickest way to earn money in a day, you run the risk of losing your money fast. So devise a strategy that incorporates all the trading strategies to make decent returns over time.

Next, learn the ins and outs of share trading. First and foremost, you should devise a trading strategy that fits you. An ideal trading strategy is based on volumes and time frame. It is here RSI (relative strength indicator) and MACD (moving average convergence and divergence) come into the picture. Although there are many other technical indicators, these are supposed to be the most reliable ones.

RSI indicates the volume of the market in terms of numbers from 1 to 100. It allows you to take trading decisions based on the strength and volume of trades. For instance, you can take a buying position of a particular stock if the market is oversold and vice versa. IF RSI is at 30 or below, it means the market is oversold and you should take a buying position. On the contrary, a selling position will be an ideal fit if RSI is at or above 70.

Likewise, MACD lets you know the trend in the market. If the trend is moving upward, you should take a buying position and vice versa. It is important to note that both MACD and RSI must give the same trading signal. If the signals collide, don’t take a position. Similarly, never open a trade when there is big news in the market. Wait for the market to absorb the effects of such news.

Once you have mastered the strategy, join a reputed broker. Open a demo trading account and try virtual trading. In accordance with the results, make necessary changes in your trading strategy. After attaining proficiency in virtual trading, start trading stocks with real money. Remember, all of your trades will not give you profits. You will lose on some trades; be patient and try to cut your losses. Capitalize on big moves to end up with profits.

Bottom Line

Stock trading is an excellent way to make a full-time income without investing a lot. However, you should learn the art of trading stocks to ensure success. If you master the strategy properly in view of news and technical analysis, keep patience and trade diligently, you will be able to reap the fruits of your hard work and mastery over time.

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