Understanding the Ins and Outs of 401k Retirement Plans

401k Retirement Plans

What if you were told that you could invest in a savings plan at work where each dollar you put into it is taken off the top? Or, the amount of your contribution will lower the amount you pay in yearly income tax? You need to understand the ins and outs of 401k retirement plans! Also, every dollar and cent you fund the account with will grow tax-deferred. Not only that, each of your 401k retirement plan contributions will make it possible for your employer to match those amounts as well. The Basics of a 401k Retirement Plan The 401k Retirement Plan is still the backbone of most Americans’ retirement planning, and it should be. When combined with the Roth … Read more

Understanding the Types of Mortgages Available to Save You Money

Understanding The Types Of Mortgages Available To Save You Money

You need to make sure you understand the types of mortgages you have and the various types of available notes. The thought of losing your home can because a good deal of anxiety. If you are struggling with your bills or you or someone in your family has been added to the ranks of the unemployed, then you are entitled to feel a bit concerned. However, do not let these kinds of thoughts override common sense and practicality. Understanding the types of mortgages available before you sign on the dotted line can help you avoid costly mistakes. What Is A Fixed Rate Mortgage A fixed-rate mortgage, for example, is a note where the interest rate or APR is a fixed … Read more

The Benefits Of 529 College Savings Plans For Parents and Students

The Benefits Of 529 College Savings Plans

Paying back student loans can be somewhat of a strain. Therefore, if you are just now beginning your own family, you can’t help but consider the many ways you can provide for their college education.  One of the popular ways to save for college is by making use of a 529 College Savings Plan. The state plan provides an advantageous way to save for higher education and is designed so the saver has more control of his or her money. Types of 529 College Savings Accounts A 529 college plan features regular savings and prepaid plans. Prepaid plans permit you to buy tuition credits that can be used when your child begins college. 529 College Savings Plans, on the other … Read more

Top Two Ways to Invest in the Hottest IPOs on the Market

Ways to Invest in the Hottest IPOs

Ways to Invest in the Hottest IPOsThe initial public offering market is finally starting to heat up again in the United States. This week three big named companies went public along with several others, and much more are set to begin offering shares within the next few months.

And, of course, the talk of an eventual Facebook IPO and Twitter IPO has the internet and technology sectors of the stock market all a buzz. But, that doesn’t mean that it will be simple for the average individual investor to get in on the action, but it isn’t impossible.

Two Ways To Get In On The Hottest IPOs

Buy Shares In IPO Mutual Funds and ETFs

Unless you are a high-value client with a high net worth, you will most likely not be able to directly participate in a company’s initial public offering of its shares the day or two after they come onto the market.

But, you can have access to these types of high-flying companies such as Demand Media and Nielsen Holdings, which compiles all of the television ratings and other media data that drive things like advertising rates and what we watch through mutual funds and exchange traded funds that specifically trade IPO stocks. There are funds that specifically deal with these companies initially coming onto the market which is normally inaccessible to the average individual investor.

Invest in IPOs with Motif Investing> $0 Commission Trades> Pre-Market Access> Flexible Dollar-Amount Investing

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Top 4 Easy Ways to Save Money Every Month in Your Budget

Save Money Every Month

Most people do not think that they have enough money to save for retirement. I can remember asking my mother if she had any investments, stocks, bonds, and the like as a little boy. She told me that we barely pay the bills, let alone invest for retirement. I’m here to tell you that everyone can find easy ways to save money from funds leftover in their budget to begin investing. The real problem is if you want to make room in your budget. Do you want to do without 200 cable channels? Do you want to skip the trip to the coffee bar every morning and brew your coffee yourself? Many people say no, and that is why they … Read more