Protecting Yourself from Seasonal Financial Liabilities

Here comes the cold, the snow and the wind chill that will smother the landscape for the next few months. During this time of year, winter is the number one cause of household and other outside accidents which cause so many bodily injuries to people. If snow has poured down the following night, just walking down the street becomes something that you need to do slowly and calmly. It’s your job to make sure that your home is safe and that during this season, you avoid any hazards and things that may lead to putting yourself and your family in danger. However other people might not take their responsibility so seriously, and so it’s also a task to avoid mistakes that others have made so that you don’t get involved as well. Financially it’s a broad set of circumstances that will lead to you spending more money than you should have if you don’t address issues early on. This is why you should follow the forthcoming advice for what to do during this time of year.

Be early clearing blockages

The winter will cause water to freeze on the outside of your home and property. It’s important not to let ice build up to the point that it becomes a detriment to your safety and the working ability of your possessions. It’s wise to buy premium antifreeze for your car. If water freezes in the tubes, you will not be able to use the pressure squirt to clean your windows. Dirt and mud coagulate in the ice and when on the road, this sludge is regularly kicked up so much so, that it clings to the windows of your car. A good antifreeze will be acidic but not corrosive so that ice and snow can be broken up.

Equally, for your home, it’s wise to clear out the gutters will in advance of the snow and blizzard storms approaching your vicinity. Autumn leaves can still be hiding in your gutters, and if left there, they can block the water flow. When ice builds up, water will overflow onto the garden and cause yet another hazard. New gutters will bite a hole in your budget, leading to an unexpected financial loss, which will put the rest of the month or more into question.

Protecting Yourself from Seasonal Financial Liabilities

Planning ahead of stoppages

If you plan on going on holiday during this winter season, it’s far better to book ahead than it is to wait for a specific traveling requirement. Airlines make a fortune from late bookings, especially during the Christmas and New Year times. People will either put it off and then find that their preferred flight has been pushed back, full of no seats to spare, or simply had the price marked up because airlines can. It can be such a financial detriment when a ticket costs two to three times what it would at any other time, but you have only yourself to blame. If you are planning a trip abroad, plan for the Christmas holiday way in advance, such as up to three months.

Some flights can be delayed or simply halted for a couple of days due to bad weather. Something simple as ice on the tarmac can cause a flight to be several hours late landing. Don’t put yourself in a position where you have to buy an emergency ticket.

Unexpected Healthcare bills

It’s a busy time of the year, where everybody you see is in their own world trying to fulfill their tasks. The last thing you expect is to be wound up in the emergency room, with a horrible injury. However, this happens all too often as many people don’t realize that black ice can also be on the pavement and not just the road. If you fall while on the property of a retail store due to the negligence of not clearing away the ice, you could be in favor legally.

As slip and fall injury lawyer Rand Spear explains, “Winter is especially dangerous. Ice, snow, unshoveled sidewalks. That’s a very big part of it.” When you’re shopping, it’s important to know your rights. Stores that have a sidewalk as part of their property and or steps have a legal duty to make sure it is safe for passersby and potential customers entering their establishment. Absolute negligence of this can cause many broken legs, ankles, hips, and wrists not to mention head injuries. Know your rights and if this should occur to you, make sure you take pictures at the scene for proof. Then you must immediately contact an injury lawyer once you’re home from the hospital.

Car safety and functionality

It’s almost regular as clockwork because during the winter there’s always some form of a car accident or pileup that could have been avoided. Yes, it’s one of the most money draining aspects of winter, car safety. Why oh why some people think that they can just drive your car as is, during snow, sleet, ice and hail are beyond anyone rational. Do not be a victim of your own apathy and prepare your car for the challenging conditions to avoid costly car repair bills.

First and foremost, get a set of good winter tyres. They don’t have to be studded, but winter tires have a more complex design to them to move snow out of the way as they roll forward. Secondly, it’s wise to buy a high quality oil for the motor. Unless you plan on waking up early and letting the engine tick over for a few minutes before you get going, buying a high quality oil is the best option for quick startups in the morning. A more expensive oil won’t freeze or become thicker as the temperature heads below freezing point.

Insulate house piping

The home just like a human body has veins running through it that help it to function. Water pipes are used for delivering drinking water, supply shower rooms, and bathrooms, as well as for home appliances such as washing machines, and dishwashers. If you have any piping that is outside the home, make sure you insulate it with a foam wrap-around cylinder. This will keep the ice from building up on the outside, so much so that the cold penetrates inside and freezes the water. This kind of action will especially help the boiler in your home, as cold temperatures can stop the heated water from circulating in the central heating system.

Keep reserve money

You never know when you will need money right in your hand and have to pay for something immediately. Power outages are common during winter if you live in a rural or suburban area. Sometimes the only way to get the basics of food and water are from local stores. Consequently, keep a bundle of money at home. It seems rather old-fashioned because we think we will be able to pay via smartphone apps, credit cards or checks. However, the winter is unforgiving, and this can lead to basic electrical systems not working. This leads society going back to hand in hand transfers. By keeping a bundle of cash at home and ready in case of an emergency, you will have a fail-safe to fall back on.

Protecting yourself from seasonal financial liabilities is great preparation for the challenges the winter will throw at you. It’s important to recognize that you must act quickly and well ahead of time to reap the benefits of these actions. Those who leave these precautions too late will find themselves in a financial black hole that will be incredibly difficult to close up.

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