What Are Special Damages?

Money mistakes can add up

If you are thinking about making an accident claim, you will likely have thousands of questions running through your mind. Most importantly, you will be wondering how much compensation you are entitled to and how this amount is decided upon.

It is important to recognize that compensation is actually split into two parts. Firstly, you have general damages, yet you also have special damages as well. Read on to discover a bit more about both compensation types.

Let’s begin with general damages. This is the amount of money you will receive to compensate you for your suffering. This will be calculated based on the type of injury you have sustained, the severity of it, the impact it is having on your life and such like.

On the other hand, you have special damages. This is the money to cover expenses you have had. There are many different costs that could occur. Here are a few examples…

•    Prescription costs
•    Treatment costs
•    Counseling expenses
•    Loss of income
•    Accommodation expenses
•    Repair costs i.e. vehicle repairs
•    Travel costs
•    Childcare expenses
•    … and much, much more!

When it comes to special damages it is imperative that you keep proof of these costs so you can claim for them.

Now you know a little bit more about the compensation you will receive if you make an accident claim. What can you do to ensure you have a strong case?

Claim as quickly as possible – The sooner you make your accident claim the better! Why? Well, there is a time limit on all personal injury cases. This time limit is three years. This can be less for criminal injuries. Contact a criminal attorney for more details. Court proceedings must be issued within this period. Moreover, the sooner you make your case the easier it will be,

Make a note of everything that happened as soon as possible – It is always a good idea to sit down and make a note of everything that occurred in as much detail as possible. You never know how long the claim process could take and thus this ensures you do not forget any pivotal pieces of information.

Report the incident if necessary – Last but not least, there are some instances where it is important to make sure you report the incident in question. A prime example of this is for those that are making a workplace accident claim. You will need to report the incident to your employer and safety representative, as they will need to record it in the accident book, which they are required to have by law.

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