Five Ways You Are Wasting Money Around the House

Are you looking for ways to save money in your family’s monthly budget? You may be surprised to realize just how you may be wasting money around the house with everyday items that you haven’t even considered. If you just look around your home, I’m sure that you can find several ways that you can save money instead of wasting money around the house. Five Ways You Are Wasting Money Around The House Having 200 Cable Channels Do you have the biggest cable or satellite television package that is offered? Have you ever sat down to seriously think about how many of those cable channels that you are actually watching? It is a classic example of the Pareto Principle. I … Read more

Top 10 Simple Ways to Save on Your Electric Bill This Winter

Save On Your Electric Bill This Winter

This past week has marked a turning point in the South, with temperatures noticeably dropping and long sleeves and pants making their comeback out of the depths of our closets. I routinely see my electric bill almost double during the winter while switching on my home’s electric heating unit. Electricity costs can eat up a substantial portion of your monthly budget if you are not careful. Households that use heating oil and gas do not fair much better either. In fact, the average home using heating oil spends over $320 per month, and gas users pay over $160 each month, according to Money magazine. But, there are ways to curb the cost of electricity, lower your heating costs, and save … Read more