Why Facebook And Social Media May Be Ruining Your Career

Why Facebook And Social Media May Be Ruining Your Career

Why Facebook And Social Media May Be Ruining Your CareerSome estimates say that almost half of all Facebook users age 18 to 34 check their Facebook accounts right when they wake up in the morning. Over a quarter even check their friends’ statuses before they get out of bed. Twitter addiction isn’t much better. One study says that over 20% of Twitter users use their accounts as their only means to find out the morning news.

Why Social Media May Be Ruining Your Career

While there is a growing explosion of the use of social media and its addictive properties, there is a danger to its overuse as well. American workers and companies are feeling the wrath of overuse and unhealthy social media use during company time. It can be detrimental to your career as well which has the potential to impact your wallet.

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You Are Not Working

Believe it or not, but your employer hired you to work. They didn’t hire you to update your Facebook status. While you are playing around on the internet and on different social media websites either on your work computer or your smart phone, you are not working or earning a profit for your employer’s business.

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What Are FANG Stocks and Why You May Not Want to Invest in Them!

FANG Stocks - What Are They and Why You Do Not Want to Invest in Them 

There is a new acronym floating around Wall Street and investing circles. FANG stocks – Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, or Google. Of course, Google recently changed its name to Alphabet, but FANA doesn’t have the same bite as FANG. Recently, Apple was also added, causing the acronym to be rewritten as FAANG in many instances. But, what are FANG stocks? And, more importantly, should you invest in them. I’m here to tell you that you should stay away from buying these four stocks individually. You probably already own them and don’t even realize it. What Are FANG Stocks? When FANG stocks first came onto the scene, many investors were excited about these new companies with the potential for rapid growth. FANG … Read more

Why Good Companies Do Not Always Make Good Investments

Good companies may not make good investments.There is a difference between a good company and a company’s stock that makes a good investment. How do you choose and know when a good company may be a poor investment choice? How do you keep from falling in love with a company? These are some of the tricky questions that individual stock investors wrestle with.

Here are a few things to consider when trying to identify when a good company may be a bad investment.

The Right Stock Valuation

Classic finance theory states that the valuation of a stock price over the long-term is based on the current value of its future earnings (cash flows). So, what does that even mean? It means that a company’s individual popularity unfortunately does not always translate into higher share prices. Wildly popular companies can have next to no profits. Just look at the earnings of internet companies like Facebook, Yelp, Groupon, and the like. Far too often, they are more popular than profitable.

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Why I Bought Shares Of Facebook On Its IPO Opening Day

I bought shares of Facebook yesterday on its opening day on the market after its initial public offering (IPO). Well…it was actually more like one single share of Facebook. I bought it from OneShare.com where I got one single share framed for my wife. Should you buy shares Facebook IPO? It all started on Thursday when my wife asked me if I would purchase any shares of Facebook on Friday when shares began trading on the public market. My wife and I do not really see eye to eye in most cases about finances and investing. She loves the idea of Facebook as a company but does not really care to look at the company’s fundamentals as an investment. Why Facebook … Read more