Should You Buy An Amazon Prime Membership?

Is Amazon Prime Worth the Cost?
Is Amazon Prime Worth the Cost?

Is Amazon Prime Worth the Cost?Is Amazon Prime price worth the cost for the annual subscription? It is currently estimated that there are 54 million Amazon Prime members in the United States, but regardless of the membership service’s popularity, is it right for you?

This guide will explore the benefits of Amazon Prime and discuss potential downsides to help you decide whether to drop $99, the Amazon Prime price for an annual membership.

Is Amazon Prime Price Worth the Cost?

Free 2-Day Shipping

Is Amazon Prime worth the price of membership?One of the number one benefits offered to Amazon Prime members is the free, 2-day shipping option. Now that free standard shipping only comes to regular Amazon customers for orders over $49 (it used to be $35), the Prime shipping is a huge benefit, especially if you order from Amazon multiple times per year.

In fact, say you place an order with Amazon once per month. If you have to pay for shipping each time – and sometimes want to upgrade it to 2-day shipping – then the amount you pay for shipping over the course of the year might be higher than the cost of a Prime membership! This calculation alone would make Amazon Prime worth it for some folks but if you’re still on the fence then read on.

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