Why You Need Umbrella Insurance

Why You Need Umbrella Insurance

I’m scared to death of getting sued. We now live in a litigious society where everyone is very quick to sue anyone for almost anything. The potential damage to your personal finances after getting sued, even if you win the case, can be devastating. Often times, your insurance company will settle a case for you, but you could quickly find your rates rising or your coverage being canceled altogether. There is one way to protect yourself from a potential lawsuit swamping your liability coverages on your insurance policies and reaching into your own pockets for the rest. Everyone should consider purchasing umbrella insurance to protect themselves and their families. Your Current Liability Coverage Is Too Small Most car insurance policies and … Read more

The Fine Line Between Too Much Insurance and Not Enough

You need to protect yourself with umbrella insurance.

A few weeks ago I wrote a guest post on one of the biggest personal finance blogs around, Free Money Finance, about the ten insurance policies that everyone should own. There is a fine line with having too much insurance. I took some heat in the comment section of the post from people who said that the ten different types of policies I listed would leave me insurance poor. Maybe they would do that, but maybe they wouldn’t. How many policies are too many? How Many Policies Do You Need? Do you need ten different insurance policies? Maybe you do need them, and maybe you don’t need that many. One commenter actually listed a few policies that you should have that … Read more

Three Types of Insurance You Need to Buy Now to Protect Yourself

Types of Insurance You Need to Buy

Insurance is one of those topics that people do not want to discuss. No one really wants to think about when they will die, getting sued, or becoming disabled. No one wants to talk or think about dying, getting sued, or becoming disabled. But, there are types of insurance you need to consider to protect yourself. But, the people who are hurt the most are our family members when we do not have the proper insurance plans and coverages. Unfortunately, there are many types of insurance that you need to consider owning. Below are some of the most critical ones. Three Types of Insurance You Need Term Life Insurance I’m a huge fan of term life insurance over whole life insurance. … Read more