The Unintended Costs Of Being A Landlord

Unexpected Expenses Of Being A LandlordMy wife and I recently listed out home for rent with a property manager. I found a great property management company that I have really enjoyed working with after asking tons of questions before hiring a property manager.

Now that we have started to get the ball rolling finding renters and even showing our house to potential renters I have found a few expenses that have cropped up. Some of these costs were expected, but a few of these new expenses have kind of caught me a little off guard.

Unexpected Expenses Of Being A Landlord

  • Advertising fee with the property manager – $100
  • Getting our HVAC tuned up – $100
  • Purchasing a home warranty – $500 per yearOverdue yard maintenance – $300
  • Storage unit since we are downsizing – $150 a month
  • Moving truck rental – $300
  • Maintenance fund our property manager requested – $500
  • Carpet steam cleaning – $200


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