My One Hundred Goals – The Bucket List

My One Hundred Goals To Do In My Lifetime Before I Die

Below is my list of One Hundred Dreams or Goals. It took me a while to record them all, but it was an awesome exercise! See the article about my one hundred goals where I discussed why I took the time to write down my one hundred goals. I challenge you all to write out your own list of One Hundred Goals. The lined through goals are the ones that have already been completed. Did I miss any that you really want to accomplish? Leave a comment in the section below…

  1. Zero credit card debt
  2. $10,000 emergency fund
  3. See a round of the Master’s golf tournament
  4. Bungee jump
  5. Jump out of an airplane
  6. Open several small businesses
  7. Build my own driving range
  8. Become fluent in Spanish
  9. Visit every continent in the world (N. America, S. America, Asia, Europe, Australia, Africa, & Antartica)
  10. Open my own bar
  11. Learn how to play the guitar
  12. Own a Gibson Les Paul guitar
  13. Tour the Bureau of Printing and Engraving (The U.S. Mint)
  14. Buy 10 acres of land
  15. Visit all 50 states in America
  16. See the ball drop in person on New Year’s Eve
  17. Take a tour of one of the Federal Reserves (July 2013 – KC Fed.)
  18. Run with the bulls in Spain
  19. Earn my doctorate
  20. Teach a college course
  21. Drive the entire length of Route 66
  22. Build a homeless shelter
  23. Go whitewater rafting
  24. Publish a book
  25. President Barack ObamaShake the hand of the President of the United StatesPresident Barack Obama
  26. Own a British bulldog
  27. Eat better consistently
  28. See a play on England’s West End
  29. Visit the battlefield of Normandy, France
  30. Go deep sea fishing
  31. Stop drinking soda
  32. Exercise five days a week for 1 hour without cheating
  33. Tour every country in Europe
  34. Hit a hole-in-one with a witness
  35. Golf 18 holes, under par
  36. Buy a motorcycle
  37. Buy a house
  38. Buy residential rental property
  39. Shake Dave Ramsey’s handhank-coleman-dave-ramsey dave-ramsey-studio
  40. Earn a Master’s Degree
  41. Earn a Bachelor’s Degree
  42. Have children
  43. Ride in a hot air balloon
  44. Start a website
  45. Get married
  46. Have a street named after me
  47. Build a public park
  48. Take a cooking class
  49. Own an Armani suit
  50. Tour the White House
  51. Own a convertible car
  52. Swim across the English Channel
  53. Play in the World Series of Poker Main Event in Las Vegas
  54. See New York City at Christmas time
  55. Be in Washington, DC during a Presidential Inauguration
  56. See the Great Wall of China
  57. Snorkel at the Great Barrier Reef
  58. Hang Glide
  59. Visit Walt Disney World
  60. Visit Disneyland
  61. Visit Cuba
  62. See the Grand Canyon
  63. Go on a Mission Trip
  64. Help Build A Habitat For Humanity Home
  65. See the Hoover Dam
  66. See a volcano erupt
  67. Spend the night in Alcatraz
  68. Reach financial independence
  69. See Aurora Borealis
  70. Visit the Holy Land in Jerusalem
  71. See the Great Pyramid in Egypt
  72. Fly in a fighter jet
  73. Drive the entire length of the Pacific Coast Highway
  74. Drive up and down Sunset Strip
  75. See Stonehenge
  76. Swim in each ocean
  77. Drive on the Autobahn
  78. Go To Octoberfest in Munich, Germany
  79. See Mardi Gras in New Orleans
  80. Drive a race car on a racetrack
  81. Own a Rolex watch
  82. Go to a World Series Game
  83. Attend a Super Bowl
  84. See a MLB All-Star Game in person
  85. See a MLB clubhouse behind the scenes
  86. Take batting practice with an MLB team
  87. Visit Niagara Falls
  88. Visit the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, NY
  89. Hear the reenactment of the Gettysburg Address on Nov. 19th in Gettysburg, PA
  90. Read the Bible from cover to cover
  91. Earn my Certified Financial Planner designation
  92. Open my own Financial Planning firm
  93. Go to the top of the Washington Monument
  94. Swim with dolphins
  95. Throw out a first pitch at an MLB game
  96. Own a Porsche 911
  97. Ring the opening or closing bell of the NYSE
  98. Bike a century race
  99. Build a kit car

As you can see that I finally made it to 100 Goals and even found an extra one to boot. The task was harder than I imagined. I’ll continue to add to the list and cross off items as I finish them. Maybe the list will continue to expand past one hundred goals while I add more.


What’s on your Buck List? Anything that I’ve forgotten that’s on your’s that should be on mine?

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Love this!!! If I can help you accomplish any, let me know 🙂


20's Finances

This is an amazing list. Absolutely wonderful. There are lots of challenging ones too.



Awesome/inspiring list! Hope you get them crossed off slowly but surely! What about 99/100? 😉


Brad Moore

Love the 100 Goals. I have gotta do this! Thanks.



I started my list of 100 and ended up with 187. Some I have completed.. some in the process. It seems really hard to do. The top gets higher the more I climb.



Great!! I’ve always wanted to do a “Bucket list.” I’m amazed that many items on the “wish” list are universal goals. I had a friend once say to me, “Ginger, Do you realize how much you have done in life and she started: Pilot, Black Belt, surfer, fly fisher around the world, teacher, a wife mother, own businesses etc. etc?” I replied, “Never thought about it because I was busy going forward, so much to do in the one life allotted.”


Davy Jones

I dare you to go ahead and give up soda now!


Carlos Sera

I would love to go back to visit Cuba.



Great List. I agree with #1, also with visiting all MLB Stadiums. That is good idea.


Tonya Rapley

I love this. I’m goings to pin my list tomorrow while serving Jury Duty! lol And Drinking soda is easier to quit thank you think it is 😉


Jackie Butler

I like the idea of a Bucket List. Turning Fifty next month; my whole life it was do what you are told, then do what you should for the Husband ( who wasn’t worth it ) then do for those two boys ( now grown ) then do for those good parents ( RIP ) now suddenly, it’s just ME-not feeling old at all, but yet not knowing what to do for me. Maybe the answer is in that bucket?


Joseph Hogue

I’m stealing some of your goals!

Great list and some really worthwhile ideas. I would wait to ‘open my own bar’ until last. I’ve thought this would be fun as well but have seen too many friends financially and emotionally wrecked after doing so. Unless you’re independently wealthy and can take a loss, it can turn out to be very long days and tons of stress.

Good luck with the list.


Jai Catalano

Ok Hank… This list has inspired me to put together a list too. I actually had a list of 3 going on in my head but now I need to add 97 more just to keep up pace. Did the White House already by the way but you got me on the Masters.



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