Three Add-Ons Your eCommerce Site Shouldn’t Be Without

by Guest Contributor

e-commerce shopping cart is a great toolDeveloping your own ecommerce store can be a tricky assignment with the vast amount of aspects that are involved in the process. There are, however, certain components which stand out as being the most important, namely the catalog of inventory, the shopping cart and the checkout process.

It takes time to design each one of these components and for anyone who has little, or perhaps no experience at all of programming, the task is no longer just difficult, but impossible.

This is where content management systems come into play. Employing an eCommerce CMS enables a non-programmer to build a website in a far, far simpler fashion as the actual programming has been done for you.

So you won’t need to spend time on trying to work out how to create your components and instead, you can focus your efforts on tweaking the system to your specification. So let us take a closer look at the three key components of building an ecommerce site.

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Managing your inventory catalog

This is important because it is the initial stage of the transaction process. If there is a discrepancy between the content on your page and the actual inventory, you will encounter problems.

Also, if there has been a misrepresentation of one of your products on your site, you will find that you will be spending all day handling support emails and phone calls. This feature allows the administrator to evaluate product status in an accurate and timely manner. Click here for up to date business phone systems.

The shopping cart

An online shopping cart is not entirely dissimilar to one you would see in an offline store. The visitor can enter items into the cart, remove them, and once they have finished shopping, they can take it to the checkout, pull out their debit or credit card and make a payment.

Of course, there are differences also. An online shopping cart is able to perform additional functions. They will tally up the prices of the contents of your cart so your customer won’t be in shock when you see the total at the end. Some will suggest at least one other product that may appeal, based on the selections made. It will also likely be able to be customized so that it fits in nicely with the design of your website.


There are numerous add-ons that will perform these calculations for you as an automated procedure. However, you will need to ensure that your chosen payment gateway is compatible, not only with your shopping cart, but also your checkout add-on. Otherwise, you will have likely have a problem in receiving your customer’s funds.

Once all of the components are communicating with one another and functioning correctly, you can look further at the additional features, such as automated billing, that can really see your business begin to run on semi auto-pilot.

These three add-ons, along with a CMS, make it possible for an internet entrepreneur with minimal technical skills to sell his or her products online. They enable integration of a sales system into a website with a simplicity that is suited to the beginner but with enough power to impress the more advanced user. Essentially, their speed and efficiency have made any excuses to not set up an online store, completely invalid.

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eCommerce is not just the way of the future, but it is the way of NOW. The trend has been happening for years and will only continue to grow as more and more people enjoy the simplicity and advantages of shopping online. There are endless opportunities for those already with established businesses or those looking to get online for the first time. Make sure you do your research and study the myriad of available options before you take the exciting and hopefully successful plunge into the world of E-Commerce.


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