How To Think About Frugality Like An Economist And Save Money

Frugality and using toilet paper like an economistIs being frugal worth your time and effort? Can the law of supply and demand work in your favor to earn additional savings on your everyday purchases? Did you know that you actually hurting the US economy by saving your pennies and being too frugal?

You may be surprised to find out how you can save money when you approach think about frugality like an economist. Here are a few lessons from your economics class and how you can apply them to your frugal life.

Toilet Paper Is Worth More Today Than Tomorrow

If you won the lottery, would you want the lump sum payment today or would you want to spread your winnings out over 20 or 30 years? Thanks to our friend, inflation, you would be better off financially by taking the lump sum payment up front today. A dollar today is always worth more than a dollar in the future because of the effect of the time value of money and inflation.

These same economic theories can be applied to frugality and saving money on everyday purchases as well. When you stockpile toilet paper by the case after finding a good deal at the grocery store or discount warehouse chain, you are not only incrementally saving money on each item’s cost by buying in bulk. You are also saving money by not paying higher cost of the products later due to inflation as well.

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What Is COBRA Health Insurance And Why You May Need It

What is COBRA health insurance?What is COBRA health insurance? Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) is a law that was passed by Congress in the mid 1980s that gives some employees and their dependents the ability to continue receiving health insurance coverage even after leaving employment. There are many times when you need to continue to receive private health care even though you may have lost your job. Health insurance is expensive, but COBRA health insurance can help you cover the gap in coverage until you find a new job with adequate health insurance for you and your family.

Who Is Eligible For COBRA?

An employee and their immediate family is eligible for COBRA health insurance coverage if one of the following qualifying events occurs that results in loss of benefit coverage:

  • Death of the covered employee
  • Employee loses coverage due to involuntary termination
  • Employee loses coverage due to a reduction in hours as a result of resignation, discharge (except gross misconduct), layoff, strike or lockout, medical leave, or slowdown in business operation
  • Divorce or legal separation that terminates the ex-spouse’s ability to receive coverage
  • A dependent child reaching the age when he is no longer covered

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20 Things I Should Have Known Better About My Finances

Things I Should Have Known Better About My Finances

Should Have Known Better About My FinancesI should have known better about my finances in my 20s. Heaven knows that I have made a few financial mistakes along the way.

This list of what I should have known better about my finances in my 20s is an attempt to help others before they make some of the same mistakes. It is not too late though to recover from your errors though if you have made these listed below.

20 Things I Should Have Known Better About My Finances

1. Don’t borrow from your 401k retirement plan. Even though you are paying yourself back with interest, you are going to be forever behind the retirement savings power curve.

2. Invest enough to get the employer matching contribution to your 401k Retirement Plan.

3. Whole life insurance policies are a waste of money. Term life insurance is a much better use of your money.

4. Your children don’t need any life insurance policies. You should have enough to bury them with your emergency fund.

5. Maxing out a Roth IRA is one the best things we can do. This should be your goal as soon as you are financially able after you start working.

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