AlfaTrade: Conducting Effective Fundamental Analysis in the Forex Market

Effective fundamental analysisDeciding to trade the Forex market often brings people to the subject of – how do you trade it? Do you just blindly rush into a position if you see a currency pair’s price spike?

Perhaps diversify your portfolio and open positions in different major and exotic currency pairs to manage risk? Having a clearly outlined strategy is the minimal requirement for trading any financial market, let alone a market as volatile as Forex.

Why Fundamental Analysis?

While strategies implemented by hedge funds, professional retail investors, and majority of the average Joe traders stretch out by the hundreds, trading strategies are divided into two major categories – Technical and Fundamental. Although over the years, price action trading, which some would say combines both technical and fundamental indicators, have also become a well-accepted approach within the community.

Technical analysis brings a trader into the numbers side of the coin. The concept is that a trader can predict future price movement based on historical data, such as moving averages, daily highs and lows, and Fibonacci levels. In fact, majority of technical indicators you’ll find preconfigured in your broker’s trading platform, such as AlfaTrade, and those being sold by third-party websites use this data to calculate future price movement.

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Obtaining an Unsecured Home Improvement Loan with the Help of Personal Lending Group is easy

We can connect you with the best lenders offering the lowest rates for your home improvement project. What’s not always so easy is determining what home improvement projects add the most value. Some home improvement projects seem like a good idea at first but in the long run won’t add enough resale value to your home to make the investment worthwhile, should you ever want to sell.

Here are the five major home improvement projects, defined as costing at least $10,000, that will come the closest to paying for themselves, followed by the five projects that offered the lowest returns on investment, according to Remodeling Magazine’s 2014 Cost vs. Value Report:


  1. Attic bedroom – Average cost: $49,438. Resale value increase: $41,656. Recouped investment: 84.3 percent.

This would include converting unfinished attic space to a new 15-by-15-foot bedroom and a 5-by-7-foot bathroom with shower, extending HVAC to the new space, adding four new windows and a dormer. If you need advice or professional assistance when it comes to window installation, Total Roofing & Reconstruction is a great choice.

  1. Minor kitchen remodel – Average cost: $18,856. Resale value increase: $15,585. Recouped investment: 82.7 percent.

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International Economics Are Opening Up, But Not All Countries Want the Same Thing [Infographic]

There are few who don’t imagine some sort of future regulations by which international trade is expanded. If the Trans-Pacific Partnership didn’t exist, someone would have to create it for international economics. Even though international trade policy lags far behind international communication innovations which have occurred over the past decade, deeply entrenched cultural values make it difficult to roll out a real agreement. The factors of international economics are myriad. On the one hand, you’ve got an international culture that clearly favors trade fluidity across borders. Just check out the infographic courtesy of GrowthCrossings/The Economist. Most significant economies on the world stage and moving towards international trading freedom. There are also significant exceptions. Even as the US and Japan have … Read more