Top 5 Investment Ideas You Do Not Have to Manage

Investing your money is one of the wisest things that you can do for your finances. Investing your money will let that hard earned money make even more money for you. If you’ve never dipped your toes into the investment waters, then it can be a scary thought, but thankfully, there are dozens of investment ideas and options that you can choose from that don’t require you to be a financial wizard.

Investment Ideas You Do Not Have to Manage


Pros and Cons of Using Robo AdvisorsThanks to the Internet, investing has never been easier, especially for any investors that don’t want to be hands-on. There are plenty of ways that you can invest your money without having to manage those funds, and one of the best ways is to use a robo-advisor.

There are plenty of websites that use robo-advisors to invest and make the most of your money. One of the best sites is Betterment, which is straightforward for anyone to use, even if you have zero investing experience. All that you have to do is create an account, decide which type of investment account you want to create, set your financial goals, and then start marking deposits.

After that, Betterment will handle the rest for you. Their robo-advisors will invest your money based on your financial goals, and it will continue to invest your money as your goals change and as you get closer to reaching them.

The newest robo-advisor on the market called M1 Finance gives the more established, sophisticated investors great investing options. M1 Finance simplifies the investment process for beginning and experienced investors alike. Unlike other robo-advisors, M1 Finance does not charge a fee, and it gives you the option of taking more control over your investments if you want them (and less if you don’t).

Check out my full review of M1 Finance to find out more!


One of the easiest investments that you can make without having to manage your money is to invest in bonds. Bonds are one of the most traditional and simplest ways that you can invest your money.

You can purchase bonds from a variety of different place. You can invest in bonds from corporations, municipal bonds, Treasury bonds, and much more. Not only can bonds create a nice source of income, but they are also a very safe option for investing your money. Once you purchase the bond, you can set it and forget it.

Micro Investing

Recently, there has been a new wave of investing known as “micro-investing,” and as you can guess from the name, it’s a technique that allows you to invest with the spare change that you have in your couch cushions.

There are a lot of apps that you can use that will let you invest tiny amounts of money. One of the best apps is Mint. Investing with Mint is as simple as downloading the app, syncing in with your bank account, and then sitting back and watching your money grow.

Mint will invest your money in several different avenues. They will put the money in both domestic and foreign opportunities, and you can look at how the investments are broken down and how effective they have been.


Maybe you’ve always dreamed of investing in real estate, but you don’t want to have to manage the rest estate and become a landlord. If that’s the case, Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) are the perfect option for you. These are a security investment vehicle that is a giant pool of money that is built by several of investors and then is managed by a professional. The professional manager will handle all of the investing, and this money is typically used for business real estate investments.

Mutual Funds

Mutual funds are another simple way that you can make a wise choice with your money without having to spend hours and hours researching options and always making decisions. Mutual funds are REITS (see above), but they aren’t limited to real estate. Mutual funds will invest your pool of money into a dozen different things different on how the professional sees fit. Some mutual funds are going to have specific specializations that are going to focus on a particular avenue of investing.

Investing Wisely

These are some of the most popular ways that you can invest your money without having to invest without having to manage them. Regardless of which investment option that you choose, it’s important that you start investing as soon as possible. The sooner that you start investing, the more effective that it can be.

Starting your investment portfolio can be a scary job, but it doesn’t have to be. There are thousands of websites and resources that you can utilize to ensure that you’re making the most out of your investment money.

Investment Ideas You Do Not Have to Manage

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