Tips for Applying for a Public Grant

Repair your Finances as a First PriorityThere are many reasons that you might want to apply for a grant.  Non-profit organizations depend on donations to help fund their work.  If you are considering attending trade schools or college, there are many different grants you can apply for that will help alleviate the financial burden of educational costs.  Or if you are in business or considering starting a business, applying for a public grant could be a valuable tool that will help you achieve your dreams.

But there are also grants that can assist with down payments on homes.  Many people do not have the standard 20% down payment that lenders are looking for, and while many programs can help with this, there are also grants that can give you assistance.  

Whatever your reason for needing a grant, your chances of being selected depend on the accuracy and the quality of your grant writing.  Here are a few tips that will help you navigate this process applying for a public grant.

Take a Class

There are plenty of workshops dedicated to helping you write the perfect grant letter.  Many details are easily overlooked that can make the difference between getting your grant funded and getting it passed over.  Small things like making sure you include a cover letter with your application can help you get noticed. Being very precise and answering all questions both asked and inferred.   

Apply Early and Often

Begin the process way ahead of the deadline.  This will give you a chance to edit and review your application and cover letter until it is perfect.  If your grant gets declined, feel free to revise and make any changes necessary and resubmit. Often grants get rejected because the process wasn’t followed precisely.  This is where taking a workshop will come in handy.

Be Clear and Concise

This is your chance to clearly explain your goals and what you intend to do with the money you are seeking.  This is not the time to write a novel. Remember chances are many people are applying for the same grant, so you need to capture attention quickly and keep it by having a well-defined plan.  If there is additional information or data required, make sure this is included to back up any of your statements.

Be Organized

Make sure your thoughts are organized and in chronological order.  Many applications are rejected or overlooked because it is too complicated to follow your train of thought.  Consider printing out the electronic copy and giving it to a person that doesn’t have intimate knowledge or details of your plan and have them review it.  If they can understand your goal, you are on the right track. Be open to feedback and make appropriate changes.


Applying for grants is a daunting process in the beginning.  By practicing and continuously improving your skills, you will exponentially improve your chances of having your grant approved.  If you are thinking of writing a grant for down payment assistance, check out some of these homes for sale in Austin, TX that will help you achieve your dream home.

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