How much is the Royal Family Worth? – Infographic on Royalty Net Worth

how much is the royal family worth

Queen Elizabeth II has reigned as queen ever since, nearly 70 years. In her lifetime, she has achieved it all — power, prestige, and perhaps most significantly, wealth. But, how much is the royal family worth? According to Forbes, the British royal family is now worth over $28 billion; that’s more money than the entire GDP of Iceland. The queen herself is estimated to have a net worth of over $600 million, most of which comes from her investments, jewels, and two castles. The queen may be sitting comfortably, but how about the other members of the royal family? Sit back, pour yourself a cup of tea, and check out our latest infographic to find out the net worth of your favorite royals. … Read more

Managing Mortgages 101 – Everything You Need to Know About Applying for a Home Loan


The total amount of home loans in the US is at $14.5 billion by the end of 2020. Despite the increase, the delinquency rate for paying off mortgages decreased by 5.47% by the end of the second quarter in 2021. If you’re looking into applying for a home loan, you wouldn’t want to default on repaying. When you’re seriously delinquent on monthly payments, the lender can demand you to pay the outstanding balance. If you can’t pay it, the lender can foreclose. It can also lead to lowering your credit score, decreased chance of securing a loan in the future, and a rise in interest on your current loan. Of course, you don’t intend to default on a loan. There are tips … Read more

5 Things About Teaching English that Can Help You Save Money as a College Student

Necessity is the mother of invention, and college students know it far too well, as the cost of higher education continues to grow. Despite grants and loans, the financial day-to-day struggle of university life is real, and students have had to sharpen their ingenuity to make ends meet.  When saving money is paramount, smart shopping is one of the skills that are easy to master. Need clothes? Charity/thrift/second-hand shops have everything for a wardrobe update. Need food? Avoiding expensive takeaways or unhealthy fast food, these young adults have learned to cook lovely meals from scratch. When it comes to buying ingredients, the smarter option is to shop at the end of the day, when many items are available at a … Read more

6 Ways Law Professionals Can Leverage Technology to Save Money

While the benefits of technology have clearly spread to almost every imaginable industry, certain professions have been quicker to adopt innovations and leverage technology than others. The legal profession has not scorned technology in recent years by any means. However, it is also such a human-capital-centric enterprise, that many firms feel they only need to adapt only minimal amounts of technological advancements. Law firms need only to look at recent changes in Fintech (also known as financial technology) to see how important technological flexibility can be. Reconsider Customer Service It can be hard to keep track of existing customers in the best of times, but the information age presents a new set of challenges. These same challenges, however, are also … Read more

Most Expensive Divorces in History


Divorce is expensive for anyone, but especially for the rich. After 27 years of marriage, Bill and Melinda Gates officially separated this month. While the exact details of their settlement are likely still ongoing, Melinda French Gates could receive as much as $63.5 billion in assets – by far the most in history.  This unfathomable transfer of wealth has only been seen a few times in history. The most recent of which was in 2019 when MacKenzie Scott received $38 billion USD in Amazon stock from former husband Jeff Bezos for their divorce. The following infographic on the most expensive divorces first appeared on the ACE Cash Express blog and is reprinted with permission.

5 Solutions to Simplify Your Next Business Trip

Planning a business trip can be pretty challenging, especially if you plan your first ever business-related trip. Because business trips are substantially different from personal vacations, you will need to be extra careful when it comes to planning. Forgetting something important behind or overlooking something on your itinerary can snowball into a disaster. So, we’ve listed some straightforward tips to help you best simplify planning for your upcoming business trip. Opt For Short-Term Accommodation Rentals Short-term accommodation options are far more convenient for business travelers than most others. Not only will this kind of accommodation ensure your absolute comfort and convenience, but you’ll also save substantially on your stay as downtown Toronto apartments that are short-term rentals will be far … Read more