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Free Commercial Insurance Quotes From CoverWallet

Running a business – even if you’re just a sole proprietorship – is one of the most challenging, yet rewarding things you can do for work. Of course, it’s not just about balancing revenue and expenses, satisfying your customers, and growing your brand’s presence in the market – you also need to cover your bases in other ways, such as properly insuring your business against potential problems.

The issue with commercial insurance is that it can be incredibly complex and costly if you don’t thoroughly research your available options before deciding on a policy. For businesses operating on particularly tight margins, choosing the right business insurance could mean the difference between shutting your doors and staying competitive for years to come.

If you’re looking for a one-stop-shop for all of your commercial insurance coverage needs, then it’s hard to go wrong with CoverWallet. This insurance site offers dozens of commercial insurance options for several different industries where coverage is either mandated or strongly recommended for business owners.

Could you be missing out on lower-cost, better-coverage insurance options for your small business? Here’s how CoverWallet could help you manage your business more effectively:

What Types of Commercial Insurance Are Available?

Free Commercial Insurance Quotes From CoverWallet

CoverWallet offers advice and risk-free quotes on a variety of high-quality commercial insurance policies, including:

  • Umbrella Insurance: wide-reaching liability coverage that goes above and beyond what general liability, employer’s liability and/or auto liability policies cover
  • General Liability: injury/bodily/physical damage claims
  • Workers’ Compensation: employee injuries on-the-job; covers medical treatments and lost wages during the recovery phase
  • Business Owner’s Policy (BOP): combines general liability with commercial property insurance (may also include crime insurance)
  • Professional Liability: for businesses that offer advice to clients (protects against financial claims from customers filing due to an error or omission on your part)
  • Commercial Property: protects physical business assets (e.g., office equipment) – may be based on the property value, location of the business, and/or the event causing the loss
  • Commercial Auto: covers collision, liability, and medical treatments if your commercial vehicle is at fault in an accident
  • Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI): protects against claims of discrimination wrongful termination, sexual harassment, and the like
  • Cyber Liability: protects businesses from claims related data breaches

CoverWallet doesn’t stop there, of course. The business insurance site also offers advice and quotes on policies related to product liability, special events, liquor liability, medical malpractice, ocean marine, business interruption, equipment breakdown, garage liability, disability insurance, pollution liability, crime insurance, employee benefits, fiduciary bonds and liability policies (to protect your business retirement plan), surety bonds, and fidelity bonds. No matter what insurance coverage you may need as a business owner, CoverWallet likely has options ready for you.

Free Business Insurance Quotes From CoverWallet

What Industries Need Commercial Insurance?

Commercial insurance isn’t always an obvious necessity for some businesses like it is for companies operating in the agriculture, construction and manufacturing industries. CoverWallet specializes in providing insurance options for a variety of other industries, including administrative services, consulting, food/beverage, finance, healthcare, real estate, retail, sports and entertainment, technology/media, and wholesale trade.

If there’s any reason why a customer could sue your business or you wouldn’t be able to personally cover the loss of your business equipment in case of a crime or natural disaster, then you are likely a candidate for at least one or more types of commercial insurance policies. Before deciding what coverage you should take out, you can speak with a qualified business mentor from CoverWallet to figure out what policies your business truly needs.

How to Get a Commercial Insurance Quote

Getting a free commercial insurance quote from CoverWallet is fairly simple. All you need to do is decide what type(s) of insurance you’re considering, input your business’ physical location (even if it’s a home-based business), and offer details about your company (name, date of founding, years of exp. in your industry, projected revenue, type of industry, etc.).

If you decide to purchase an insurance policy through CoverWallet, then managing your policies is a breeze with CoverWallet’s smart digital wallet, which displays your policies, rates, certificates, claims and payments all in one convenient location online.

Should You Look for Commercial Insurance Through CoverWallet?

CoverWallet is a tremendous resource for small and mid-sized businesses seeking better options for commercial insurance. The sheer variety of possible insurance policies it offers advice and quotes making it a valuable platform on which business owners can find more cost-effective insurance options with better coverage.

If there’s any possibility you could be overpaying for commercial insurance, then there’s zero risk in trying out CoverWallet to see if you can get better quotes on insurance policies from another provider.

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