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Cozy review

Although owning and renting out properties can be a lucrative opportunity, being a landlord can be incredibly challenging. Dealing with unexpected property maintenance problems, unpredictable tenants, and the occasional prolonged vacancy are the banes of many landlords’ existences. But, these issues shouldn’t get in the way of growing your rental income as a property owner.

Fortunately, there’s an easy way to avoid these common mistakes made by new landlords, and that’s the Cozy app. Launched in 2012, Cozy has become the premier app for landlords who want to stay organized, communicate more effectively with tenants, and receive rent payments in more convenient ways.

Even if you’ve been renting out properties for years now, switching from your current way of managing everything to Cozy’s seamless organizational system can save you quite a bit of time and effort for free.

Ready to transform your landlord experiences for the better? Here’s how Cozy can simplify everything from creating rental listings to tenant management.

Cozy App Review

Compare Tenant Applications 

There’s no other app so far that lets you accept tenant applications online and easily compare applications side-by-side. Cozy lets you do this and so much more. With Cozy you can,

  • Screen tenants background and credit reports 
  • Market listings on and Doorsteps
  • Require renters’ insurance, Cozy also offers its own renters’ insurance

Receive Rent Payments

With Cozy, you can receive payments for rent directly through the app. In addition, you can automatically bill any late fees, request one-time payments for move-in costs, and pay for utilities. Cozy is so flexible that you can sync multiple bank accounts with the app to send and receive money. Tenants with roommates can split their monthly rent costs by sending their individual payments to you through the app.

If there are any issues or questions raised overpayment histories, then Cozy has you covered with its financial software. It lets you keep track of payments and export these records as documents or spreadsheets to share with tenants or your accountant.

Organize Your Rental Responsibilities 

Beyond receiving money from tenants and keeping tracking of all your rental-related financial records, Cozy also gives landlords the ability to track maintenance requests, organize your property expenses, and upload any important documents.

The whole process becomes pretty automated once you’ve set up your Cozy account with your banking information and essential documents. This will give you more free time for hobbies and activities you truly enjoy.

What Does Cozy Cost? 

Many of Cozy’s most important features are offered free-of-charge. Some services are covered by your renters. These include, background checks and credit reports ($39.99 as a bundle or $24.99 is paid for separately), rent payments with a debit or credit card (2.75% of their rent; $0 when they pay directly from their bank account), and renter’s insurance (which averages $20/month, but varies based on location and coverage amounts).

For you, the only things you would have to pay for while using Cozy are completely optional. Those include local rent estimates and express payouts. Everything else in the Cozy app is available for free, which lets you save money for other expenses related to property ownership.

Is Cozy the Solution You’ve Been Waiting For?

Why should you continue wasting countless hours per month tracking rental payments, manually managing tenants, and other record keeping tasks when you can let Cozy do all the hard work for you, free-of-charge?

This app was designed to make landlords’ lives easier without the pitfalls of traditional management. Plus, there’s no mandatory costs involved with using the app’s many features. So you have nothing to lose by simply trying out Cozy.

The app is highly secure, the tenant comparison feature is truly an invaluable resource for new and experienced landlords alike, and being able to collect rent from multiple tenants directly through the app makes Cozy an unparalleled convenience for anyone who rents their property to other people.

Whether you own just one rental unit or manage multiple units with many different tenants, Cozy is the organizational blessing you’ve been waiting for. Download it today and give it a try!

Review of Cozy

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