Drop App Review – Earn Cash Back on Your Everyday Purchases

Review of Drop App

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There are plenty of personal finance apps and browser extensions designed to help consumers save more money. However, few apps have the seamless user experience and popularity of Drop. Drop is a free savings app with more than one million users who have earned over one billion points and redeemed over $3 million worth of rewards.

This flexible, intelligent mobile app functions as a consumer’s wallet-saver. By linking your credit or debit card to your Drop account, you can earn points and redeem them for rewards within a few days of completing your purchase. As long as you’re 16+ years old, have access to online banking, and have a valid cell phone number, then you can join Drop and start saving money that same day.

Drop points never expire, which means you can either redeem rewards right away or rack up points for massive savings. If you have been looking for additional ways to get discounts on purchases and get more cash-back on your current purchases, then Drop is the #1 app you should consider adding to your mobile device.

Drop App Review

Save Money on Everyday Purchases

Drop is a super simple app, requiring just a few steps to get started.

All you have to do is download the Drop app, which is available on Android and iOS devices. Then you set up your Drop account with your phone number and debit or credit card. Next, all you have to do is start shopping to start saving money right away!

With Drop, you can multiply the rewards you earn on purchases by getting credit card rewards points, loyalty rewards, and cash-back from purchases made with major online retailers. When you earn enough points to redeem, you can get gift cards for your favorite brands or withdraw rewards from your Drop account as cash-back bonuses. 1,000 points are worth $1.

This app is an ideal way for college students to save money on purchases. The app is even marketed at the Millennial demographic. But, it could also be useful for people of all ages who simply want to get as many rewards as possible on purchases they would’ve made anyway.

In-App Offers

If you’re looking for new opportunities to save money on products and services you’re already interested in purchasing, then you can’t afford to miss Drop’s in-app offers. These curated offers are based on your pre-designated interests, which you select when you first sign up for Drop, and come from Drop’s partners. These partners include Walmart, Jet.com, Groupon, Hotels.com, Boxed, ASOS, and many more.

With in-app offers, you can shop with certain retailers directly through the Drop app. This makes it incredibly easy to earn points and access your rewards quickly. 

Minimize Shopping Hassles

With Drop, you don’t need to deal with coupon clipping or receipt scanning to earn rewards on your purchases. Since your debit and credit cards are already synced with your Drop account by the time you begin using the app, you’ll automatically rake in rewards with nearly no effort at all required.

Sometimes, you might not even realize you’re saving money and earning rewards on your purchases because the app is just that easy to use. When you’re ready to cash out your rewards, it takes just three business days for Drop to send you the gift card of your choice, or cash-back, if that’s what you selected when you clicked “Redeem”.

Is It Secure?

Drop is designed for maximum security, to ensure consumers’ private information is never exposed to hackers and other cyber threats. Drop’s security features include secure encryption, Transport Layer Security (TLS), and Drop has notably been certified secure by DigiCert.

Plus, customers get quick access to customer support just in case you happen to experience issues with the app or have other concerns about your privacy.

Should You Download Drop?

Drop is useful for everyday shopping, as well as holiday shopping seasons. You don’t need to be a loyalty member or have a rewards credit card to score points and cash-back offers on purchases you make through your phone.

Stop missing out on easy opportunities to get more cash-back and rewards you can eventually convert into gift cards with minimal effort on your part. Sign up for Drop to start saving today!

Review of Drop App

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