Hiring Foreign Workers Could Save You Money?

How to Increase Your Business Return on Investment

There’s always been a debate about whether foreign workers are a good hiring strategy to save money. Many say that hiring from outside your country can be both good and bad. It’s bad for the local talent market, that can feel squeezed and marginalized, as well as not feeling attached to brands that are from their local neighborhood.

However, many times foreign workers are a better hiring option because you can offer a more affordable salary, save money in multitasking in various areas, and potentially have a better versatile skill set. We looked at the various ways you can actually save money if you hire foreign workers.

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Onboarding program

If you have a skilled worker that is foreign, and a talented but unskilled worker in your own country, what is the deciding factor? For many people it’s the language barrier. Even if the foreign worker was better, how much would it cost to train them? Would they need to learn the language and also, have a unique onboarding program?

We have found that increasingly, this is no longer a worry. Many nations have English lessons as a free service for foreign workers who can bring skills and talent to that nation. Many governments are working with businesses to split the cost of doing this, allowing foreign workers to learn the language, before they arrive and also, carry on learning once they land and have been hired. 

Not as costly to hire

For many years, we have often thought that hiring a foreign worker would be very costly, regardless of other things. Speak with a good immigration solicitor who can bring in the worker, with as little hassle as possible. They will work with you, the worker, and both governments involved to lower the cost of the visa and get them into the country smoothly without hiccup.

Only choose experienced solicitors that know their way around the relevant laws and can expect any questions and or legal moves that might be coming your way as an employer. Lowering the recruitment fees can be something you can bring up with the solicitor, as some countries that have a skilled based system, could offer lower fees for a more skilled migrant.

In the long run

The bottom line is that in the long run, you can see that the skilled worker can bring you more value than a domestic worker, this is clearly a good financial decision. If you need to spend time training, a domestic worker and a foreign worker already have experience and have proven themselves to have a good track record, then it makes sense that their role and responsibilities will bring a net benefit to your company.

The question for you is, will that worker stay for the long run as well? Many foreign workers see overseas jobs as a temporary thing, so can you be convinced that they will be staying until they feel they no longer need to achieve anything else in your brand?

Foreign workers have a lot to give. Some have great talents and unique perspectives that many companies would do well to have. The balance you need to find is long-term dedication, having good skills, and the low cost of immigration.

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