How A $2 iPhone Covers Can Bring Back Your Youth

What if you can get a flash from the past? What if you can recapture your youth for as little as $2? That’s what these iPhone covers did for me. I recently saw a few of these on J. Money’s Pinterest page. There are some really cool things on that site. You can check out a few of my favorite things as well on my Pinterest page. Follow me on Pinterest! In the meantime, below are several of the coolest iPhone covers that I found.

Cassette Tape

This case keeps your iPhone 4 safe and protected in style. Snap-on case is designed to offer all-around external surface protection to your phone without compromising usability. Provides easy access to all functions without having to remove the case.

Leather Book iPhone Cover

Wallets and phones go hand in hand. You rarely leave home without the two of them. Now you can carry both in one BookBook made exclusively for iPhone 4. This little book has a convenient ID window and slots for your debit/credit cards, reward cards and cash. Instead of grabbing your wallet, phone and keys when you walk out the door, simply grab BookBook and your keys.

Nintendo Gameboy

Credit Card

An Owl iPhone Cover

Old School NES Controller

$100 Bill


7 thoughts on “How A $2 iPhone Covers Can Bring Back Your Youth”

  1. If I had an iphone, I’d be all over the NES controller cover. Those are too cool. It’s pretty neat all the crazy designs they come out with for phone covers.

  2. Those accessories are really cute and cool. However, I just wonder if they have any other features aside from its style since I just found out that there are these iPhone case with battery in it wherein you can lengthen the life span of your iPhone. Do these cases has this capability, too?

  3. Hey.. you found a great resource Hank. I liked the one with NES controller.. so many memories attached with it. You revived them all… Thanks for sharing this. Gonna gift this to my friend whose b’day is coming in next month… 🙂 Yay.. he’ll be happy with this.

  4. I liket the owl~ that’s so cute~but pity, I’m not a iphone user…


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