How To Prepare Your Diamonds For Sale

Prepare Your Diamonds For SaleWhenever you’re selling a big ticket item, it’s usually a good idea to put in a little prep work before you show it to prospective buyers. There are ways that you can prepare your diamonds for sale. In the same way that you might repaint a house or clean out a car before selling it, there are some steps you can take before you sell your diamond.

These three steps can help a buyer see the full value of your diamond and hopefully will help you get a better offer:

1) Gather Documentation – Many people don’t realize that documentation might help get them a higher price for their diamond. Even though it doesn’t change the intrinsic value of the diamond itself, it can help make sure that buyers are aware of the diamond’s size and quality.

Documents that can help support your sale include appraisals, original receipts, and certifications from gemological laboratories. At the very least they will help the process go faster and smoother – and they might get you a little extra cash too!

2) Clean the Ring – You’d be amazed how much a difference a quick cleaning can make when trying to sell a diamond. Diamonds can get pretty dirty just from hand soap, lotion, and other effects of everyday wear. You don’t want a buyer confusing a smudge or dirt with an imperfection in the diamond itself. Giving it a quick clean can make its quality more readily apparent to a prospective buyer.

At the very least, purchase some over-the-counter jewelry cleaner and give it a quick rub with a soft brush or cloth. Or you can go one step further by bringing it to a jeweler and having them give it a professional clean with ultrasonic baths and steam cleaners. Most buyers will want to see how well a diamond shines, so cleaning it could really help you.

3) Be Realistic About Appraisals – Though appraisals can help you get more money for your diamond, they don’t necessarily represent the exact amount of cash you will get. Appraisals are used by insurance companies to figure out how much money you’ll get in return for your diamond if it is lost or stolen.

They don’t necessarily represent the market value of your diamond in its current condition. It might still be worth getting an appraisal – but don’t let it stop you from selling for a fair price.

Ultimately, after all of the necessary prep work is done, getting the most money for your diamond depends on finding the right seller. You want to avoid the spammy middlemen who are looking to buy low and then turn around and immediately resell it to a jeweler.

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