How To See Sporting Events and Concerts For Free

I love Major League Baseball. Unfortunately, I’m a diehard Atlanta Braves fan. They crush my spirits every fall with their pitiful play. But, I still try and see as many baseball games as I can. But, games are expensive. So, I’m always on the lookout how I can see sporting events and concerts for free or at a steeply reduced cost.

Baseball games are expensive. In fact, Major League Baseball’s average ticket price increased 3.3% last season to $28.94, the steepest rise in six years. It’s estimated to cost over $211 for a family of four to see a baseball game in America according to the TMR’s Fan Cost Index, which tracks total costs over the years.

But, I’m here to tell you that you can see your beloved team for free. Here’s how…

How To See Sporting Events For Free

Sell Bobbleheads on eBay

Each year, most Major League Baseball give freebies and giveaways to their fans during select games throughout the year. The Atlanta Braves just announced their game promotions and bobbleheads that they will giveaway for the upcoming season.

Why do I mention this? I’m a collector. I love swag, and baseball swag is no different. In fact, I’ve started collecting bobbleheads from my favorite teams and players. I have quite a few from the Atlanta Braves, several of my favorite player Hank Aaron, and even a few from the year I lived near Kansas City going to Royals games.

Here’s a photo of my collection of my bobbleheads and memorabilia in my home office.

How to see baseball games for free

My latest bobblehead that I added was during the Atlanta Braves’ Star Wars night last year where they featured a bobblehead of pitcher Jason Grilli. Much to my surprise, these bobbleheads were quite popular on eBay for fans who couldn’t be at the game in person in Atlanta.

Atlanta Braves Star Wars bobblehead of pitcher Jason Grilli

I’ve found this to be true myself as well when I was stalking bobbleheads on eBay to complete my Kansas City condiment race collection. The Ketchup was incredibly hard to find and cost me quite a bit.

Kansas City Royals Hot Dog Race Bobbleheads

So, tickets that included the Star Wars bobblehead cost about $25 each. My family of four each got one. My son, who is a huge Star Wars fan, kept one bobblehead, and I kept one as well for my collection.

I was able to later sell two of the Star Wars bobbleheads a week after the game for $50 each recouping my cost for the tickets. So, essentially my family was able to see the baseball game for free. This is one way to see sporting events for free.

If you were willing to wait a few months or more, these bobbleheads increase in value because of scarcity. There simply isn’t enough of them and very few now coming up on the market of eBay for sale. The same Jason Grilli Star Wars bobblehead is stilling for $100 each on eBay. Patience is rewarded with a higher price and more sporting events for free.

How To See Concerts For Free

Sell Concert Prints on eBay

How To See Concerts For FreeLiving outside of Nashville, I’ve grown to love seeing shows and concerts at the city’s famous venues like the Ryman Auditorium and the Grand Ole Opry. Along with the shows are the beautiful concert posters that come with them.

Since 1879, a small family company, Hatch, has been making iconic posters for music acts and many other entertainers to help fill the seats. Now, a Hatch Show Print is a must buy collectible to commemorate any visit to a show at the Ryman Auditorium and the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville.

I recently saw Billy Joel in New York City at Madison Square Garden. It was a phenomenal show by one of my favorite musicians. I’ve seen him in concert four times, and each one has been amazing.

Billy Joel sells a concert poster at his shows as well. It is designed in the same fashion as a Hatch Show Print. Each one is unique to the venue and concert date, listing them both on the poster.

See Concerts For Free Selling PostersI recently looked to buy a poster for the show that I attended online. Of course, I wasn’t smart enough to purchase one of the $20 posters at the concert.

Now the posters are selling for over $100 on eBay. Had I just bought a couple while I was in New York, I could have more than recouped the cost of my wife and my tickets.

Many other artists are selling unique posters at their shows. Reselling these once in a lifetime posters can be a great side hustle and help you get back the cost of attending these incredible shows.

These are just two examples on how you can possibly see sporting events for free and concerts for free too.

Have you found ways to offset the cost of sporting events? Have you found ways how to go to concerts for free? I’d love to hear your tips and tricks in the comment section.

How To See Sporting Events and Concerts For Free

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  1. Great suggestions! We are season ticket holders for the Reds (I feel your pain) and we sell our tickets if we can’t make it to the game for face value which is higher than what we pay. When we get two bobble heads, we sell one. We have yet to sell them immediately following a game, but that’s more laziness than patience.

  2. Hello, was reading your post and 2 things caught my attention in particular lol First, wanted to know if you had any interest in selling a Grilli?!?!?! My husband is also a collector and has probably 100 + Braves bobbleheads!! Also, my son is also a Dr. Pepper fanatic and we just came across the cutest Dr. Pepper mini fridge. Holds 6 cans and had to get it for his room, of course lol Was going to show you a couple of pictures of it on here, but cant see a way to do that. Anyway, nice post and let me know if you have any interest. Thank you…Angie


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