What Is an Insurance Certificate for Moving (COI)?

Your building management might need your moving company to file a certificate of insurance for moving (COI) to be able to can enter or exit an apartment or condo building. This is true regardless of whether you’re moving into or out of the property. In the past, requesting COI was once more common in higher-end properties. However, recently brownstones and smaller structures have been asked for certificates more often.

When you start planning your move, you should inquire with the building administrator as to whether or not they need COI from the moving provider you want to use. Inquiring whether you require a COI before planning your relocation is recommended.

This will guarantee that everything runs smoothly. The COI will not set you back any cash. It’s a fact. It’s the obligation of a moving service to make a moving certificate of insurance to customers at no additional expense.


Who is accountable for providing an insurance certificate?

Building managers require moving companies to present the insurance certificate to ensure the safety of their property during the process. This is because there is a chance that the building could be damaged during the process of moving items within it.

A reputable and trustworthy moving company can provide proof of their insurance. To request the COI, the customer must contact the moving company to provide additional information and prepare the moving COI.

Certificates of insurance are something that the majority of rental homes and building management companies in the metropolitan regions of the United States demand prospective tenants to provide before they would allow them to move in. This ensures that the landlord won’t be held responsible for any damage that could happen to the property when the tenant moves into the property.

The purpose of the moving certificate of insurance

The insurance company providing services to the moving company issues a certificate of insurance. The COI for Moving confirms that the moving company is insured and describes the insurance coverage. The building administration knows that furniture and other objects can cause damage. Management will seek documentation and evidence from insured movers to ensure that the moving company is adequately protected.

Moving COIs achieves two distinct objectives. They can be compressed into less than one to two pages and contain details about a variety of insurance options. If a claim is made due to relocation, they safeguard the parties listed from legal responsibility.

An ACCORD is typically the most widely used structure for COIs. The form has sections that contain vital information like a description of your mover’s insurance policies. The policy’s terms and conditions determine how the policy will be applied if a claim is submitted.

The following are covered in the coverage of the Certificate of Insurance:

  • Umbrella Coverage.
  • Occupational Diseases and Injuries.
  • Automotive Insurance.
  • Protection against legal obligations
  • Cargo Insurance.

Most building managers need coverage levels of at least two million dollars. Certain buildings like landmarks or large condos might require more. Confirming that the COI NYC movers are authorized to pay the amount required is essential.

How to get an insurance certificate from the moving company

A Certificate of Insurance is available for free. When you move into a condo or apartment complex, it’s essential to ask the building management whether the COI and the required coverage level are needed. If the building management requires one, you should contact your movers to obtain the required details. The COI’s requirements for compliance are to be met

  • Name of the supervisor in charge of the building management.
  • Information about how to get in touch with the management of the building, including email addresses, office telephone numbers, fax lines, etc.

The procedure for issuance of the COI might take a couple of hours to complete. If the COI is needed before or during the move, ask in advance. Then the moving insurance NYC may be provided to the client or passed straight to the administration of the building. Many of our customers advise that you request the COI when you book the property to avoid any problems on the day.

It’s likely that the COI hasn’t been given yet, and the mover is denied entry to the facility. This is the most unpleasant scenario. This could make the relocation process more time-consuming than anticipated and result in additional costs for any additional time needed.

Moving can be a strenuous task and may even be risky in case of a mistake. Moving is a risky business. There is always a chance that something will break or someone could get hurt.

A legitimate certificate demonstrates that a company providing moving services is financially able to cover any liability claims that might be brought against them in the near future. The companies that provide moving services and do not have insurance are not safeguarding their clients, themselves, or their employees.

This is a great tip. Even if your building management doesn’t require an official certificate from your moving company, it is advisable to ask for one. If the moving company cannot offer you a certificate, this likely means that they don’t have insurance, which is a major warning.

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