Long Game Review – How to Turn Saving Into a Game

Long Game Review

Americans are not very good about saving money, as the latest statistics from a Bankrate survey suggest. 19% of Americans don’t save anything, 21% of Americans save 5% or less of their annual income, and 25% only save about 6-10% of their annual income. Yikes!

Combine these gloomy stats with the fact that about 40% of Americans retire with less than $10,000 saved up and a financial disaster is surely waiting to happen. Most people know how important it is to save money for unexpected expenses and long-term goals like retirement, so why are so many Americans still living at their means instead of below them?

There could be many possible explanations. Money is tight, income-boosting opportunities are scarce, an emergency set you back on your savings goals. But, let’s face it, delayed gratification just isn’t fun, while splurging on our hobbies, going on spontaneous weekend getaways, and going out to happy hour make us feel happy whenever work is stressful or other life responsibilities are wearing us out.

Simply put, it’s incredibly challenging to motivate yourself to save money. That’s why the personal finance app Long Game exists, to give you fun and compelling reasons to save money by turning this otherwise aggravating task into a game.

If you’ve been struggling to focus on your long-term financial goals with short-term temptations like Amazon deals or the travel bug getting in your way, then here’s how Long Game can help you stay on track to financial independence.

Long Game Review

Long Game Makes Financial Management Fun

Long Game was built around the concept of prize-linked savings, or what Freakonomics described as a no-lose lottery. In a nutshell, prize-linked savings programs encourage people to save by offering drawings and prizes for participants who put certain amounts of money into certificates of deposit (CDs) or regular savings accounts. These programs are considered pretty effective at motivating people to save in other countries, but they’re still pretty new in the U.S.

Long Game makes it easy to start saving money by offering regular prizes through its daily instant-win games on its app. Daily promotions range from Bronze to Crypto and Platinum levels, and you must have accumulated a minimum number of Coins in order to participate in instant and weekly giveaways.

Sign up for Long Game and get $5 FREE to try it out!

Long Game

Earn Brains and Coins

Long Game

Want to increase your chances of winning more prizes? Then you’ll want to focus on accumulating brains and coins within the Long Game App. Brains are like experience points you earn by saving more money over an increasing period of time and using the app frequently to learn more about good financial management skills.

Coins represent the in-app currency you will use to enter instant giveaways and weekly prize drawings. You can earn coins by depositing more money into your Long Game account.

How Much Does Long Game Cost

Long Game Rewards brings some big changes:

  • Diamond and Gold are still free. On June 5, 2020 (30 days), the cost for Teal members will increase to $3/month.
  • Avoid the fee by being Gold with a monthly Autodeposit of $400 and card spend of $100, or by being Diamond with an active Direct Deposit and minimum card spend of $200.
  • For everyone: More COINS in your daily Game and 2M to try it out!

Long Game makes money from banks when you save and spend with us. We lose money on customers who don’t save and spend which makes our prizes smaller for everyone. By charging customers who aren’t saving and spending as much (Teal members), we can increase all the prizes and make the experience better for everyone. 

The most active Long Gamers will get the most rewards, while still offering great value on a fun and playful bank account for our Teal members.

Is My Money Safe With Long Game?

Long Game

Deposits in Long Game’s savings accounts are FDIC-insured and earn 0.1% interest. Unlike in real-life gambling, you never have to worry about losing your money because the only possible “loss” is missing out on instant prizes or weekly contest winnings.

Your savings deposits remain the same, regardless of how many games you play and sweepstakes you don’t win. At worst, you’ll win no prizes and earn a little bit of interest. At best, you could win hundreds or even thousands of dollars in prizes while playing fun games and learning more about financial management in the comfort of your own home.

As a note, you will be asked for personal information like your checking account numbers, photo identification, and Social Security number in order to sign up. This is because the app cannot legally transfer money into your Long Game account without these rigorous security measures completed beforehand.

Should I Download Long Game?

Don’t make the same mistake so many other Americans are making by not saving money for the future. With prize-linked savings platforms like Long Game, the “it’s too boring” excuse for not saving money doesn’t apply anymore. Even if it takes a while before you win any prizes, you’re still winning simply by motivating yourself to save more money!

The Long Game app is accessible to pretty much anyone with a smartphone and a regular checking account, so don’t miss out on this highly entertaining way to save money while playing games and potentially winning cash prizes along the way.

Sign up for Long Game and get $5 FREE to try it out!

Long Game Review

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