Top 5 Easy Ways to Make Money Selling Physical Products Online

As the Internet has evolved and eCommerce and delivery systems have improved, more retailers have decided to sell their physical products over the internet and make money selling online. Setting up an online store that sells physical items is a relatively easy and affordable way to start an online business, and you could be selling your products pretty quickly to a local and worldwide market.

How to Increase Your Business Return on Investment

How to Make Money Selling Physical Products Online

If you’re not sure how to sell physical items online, you may get inspiration from the list below.

Third Party Ecommerce Systems

If you want another company to take care of the technical side of your online business, you have a wide range of third-party shopping systems like Shopify to choose from. There are numerous Shopify reviews that will explain why it’s such a popular eCommerce platform.

Third-party systems are usually extremely secure and they are updated on a regular basis by the security team of the company you are dealing with. You can easily change the look of your website and add products. You are normally charged a monthly or annual fee to set up shop, but it’s well worth the money.

Set Up Your Own Ecommerce Store

If you are able to store your own products and fulfill online orders, you may be in a position to set up your own eCommerce store on your own domain and hosting platform. There are many shopping systems available that allow you to display your products, take orders, process payments and fulfill each order taken through your website.

With these systems, you have total control of them and you can make changes to these systems whenever you wish. However, you need to keep your eCommerce system maintained and secure with the latest security updates.


Dropshipping is an extremely popular and straightforward way to sell physical products through another company. Your online store sells the physical item and this product is bought from a dropshipping company at a reduced price.

The product is then shipped to your customer by the dropshipping company. Your profit is the difference between the price you charge your customer for the item sold and the price the dropshipper charges you to fulfill the order.

Auction Websites

Since eBay was established, a huge number of auction websites have emerged. They can be a great place to pick up a bargain if you’re a shopper, and these websites are also the perfect places to sell all kinds of physical items because thousands of shoppers flock to auction websites every day.

Amazon and Other Leading Marketplaces

Sometimes it pays to piggyback off the popularity of other websites, instead of going it alone. Many of the world’s biggest marketplaces like Amazon allow retailers to sell their products on these huge websites. In some cases, these companies even store and fulfill all of your orders, so that you can focus on promoting your products to more shoppers and customers.

It’s never been as easy as it is now to set up an online store. eCommerce technologies keep improving and more shoppers want to buy items online, so you should seriously consider each of the options above.

What about you? Have you ever attempted to make money selling physical products online? Did we miss any other good ways to make money selling products online?

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