12 Simple Money Saving Tips for Young Families


Irrespective of where you stand financially, it is worth noting that anyone can turn around his or her financial position. In many cases, it only requires a step in the right direction to have everything moving in your favor. Nevertheless, that initial step can be the toughest one, just as it has proved to be the case in other instances.

Sometimes individuals become overwhelmed when they sit down and try to think about finances. There could be so many goals to be achieved that even prioritizing can be a daunting task. Among other things, you need a budget, a healthy credit score, a good retirement plan, a good debt payment schedule, and perhaps a saving strategy.

Before having a child, young couples are often plagued with uncertainties on how the kid will increase their monthly spending. This is the time most of them will start coming up with several ideas on how they can make money fast to cover the upcoming expenses. Even if you are good managers of your finances, with a kid it might feel as though they are holes in your pockets all the money put in there just fall off into the new kid’s abyss.

All families might be feeling the same and maybe they are looking for the best strategies to save cash. While it can be challenging to eliminate even just one expense, one can save a lot by consolidating funds from various directions. We have compiled the best 12 money saving tips for young families. Use them and be sure to take full control of your budget.

Plan your grocery shopping. Getting organized whenever you go for grocery will help you save a lot. Draft a list of everything you have to buy, an envelope containing the related coupons, and decide on the maximum budget you will spend. This will protect you against the trap of overspending.  It will also be beneficial to shop at the start of the week when the stores are not very crowded. In a crowded grocery store, you are not likely to be budget conscious.

Prioritize your needs and eliminate each year at least one service you can manage without. This is a possible move since many people often have a service they hardly use. For instance, you can opt to cancel gym membership for at least a year. How often do you use a landline service? Well, it may only be $50-100 in a month, but in the whole year, it can be substantial.

Avoid purchasing off the shelf. Each time you need to buy something, especially the most expensive items, always take time and do the homework. Consider the following options:

  • Search online to determine the seller with the lowest price, or if there could upcoming sales.
  • Look at the webs of both the manufacturer and the retailer to determine the availability of coupons.
  • Assess whether you can opt for second hand, even if it will be later.

Take part in reward programs. There are a lot of companies offering reward programs. However, not many individuals take part in them, yet they can very beneficial. Do not hesitate to sign up for them to the extent possible. In addition, keep tabs of the point you earn.

Always understand your limits. Do not attempt to fly when you can simply drive. Currently, air travel has become just too common that individuals use it as a default choice for traveling. However, it is often too expensive and this can deprive you cash that you can spend for other necessary things.

Therefore, whenever you travel as a family, just drive rather than flying, especially where the distance to be covered is not too long. Even when you think your family car may not be the best, consider hiring.

Consider selling the things you no longer require. Rather than throwing away, try selling them and see if you can make some additional cash. Scheck the things you do not need twice every year and sell them. This suggestion can help you gain some good amount of money every year. Do not be quick to throw away even what seems to be clutter before weighing other options such as selling.

Purchase clothes from discount stores. You can buy cloth from a store and save up to 30 dollars because retailers sometimes overprice commodities. While thrift stores may not be having the selections that retail do have, you can often get a perfect item hardly used sometimes. At least supplement your retail shopping with thrift store shopping. This can be a nice option of acquiring children’s clothing.

Do not opt for new when you can have a second hand. The same way you can sell the things you no longer use, there are many others out there doing the same. So just before making a major purchase, look at second-hand stores, garage sales within your locality. The good thing about the second-hand option is that all prices are subject to negotiations. You may come to the conclusion that there nothing new you can ever acquire again.

You may not be in need of a new car. Instead of buying a car and have it parked out there forever, wait until you are really ready to have one. Having a brand-new car parked is actually one of the most expensive ways to live. If it is necessary, opt for a used car that goes for a few dollars and do some repair on it. If you want to get a car loan you may check A1 Credit for instant approval.

Avoid the over-insured tendency. It is not possible to obtain insurance cover for each possible risk. An attempt to do that will render you broke. For example, why should you obtain prescription drug coverage when what you require is an occasional antibiotic? Pay cash any time you need a prescription and you will be able to reduce your health insurance premium.

Offer the gift of time. In most case we offer gifts to the dear ones cannot spend time with, especially for birthdays. But in a case where time is less expensive compared to a gift, organize yourself and spend time with them instead of giving them something.

Buy when the rest are selling. This is a concept that needs universal application throughout your life. For instance, you can purchase after a sell-off and gain investment bargains.


Saving money is not an easy thing, especially for young families. Nevertheless, you will be better placed if you follow the abovementioned tips. We wish you the best.

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