The Big Adventure – What You Need to Know About Retiring

The stigma that used to be attached to retirement was that after a certain age, people were shipped off to retirement homes. 65 rolled around, and suddenly it was the end of a productive life. The problem with that is over the last few years, the economy is forcing people to work for much longer than in previous years.

This has its plus points for sure – like having a much healthier look pension. But the length of time people has to enjoy their retirement is much shorter. 

So it stands to reason that people are starting to really make the most of their retirement. So here are some of the best things you can do to make the most of your free time. 

running out of money in retirement

Get a Job

What!? But you’ve only just retired! Well, yes, but now you have the choice of doing something small for fun. If you have been corporate all of your days, but really wanted to work in a cafe or a garden center – you have the freedom to do it. Which is pretty nice. It also gives you the opportunity to meet new people and learn new skills. For some, this is known as the encore career. They are liberating and fulfilling. 

Live Somewhere Else

This is a big thing for many people who retire. They want to go and experience a new culture for a few years. And you have the time to plan it properly too. If you have always wanted to spend some time in Europe, then France is a very popular place for people to retire.

If you want something more exotic, then retire in Costa Rica! The world is pretty much your oyster, and you can go where ever you want. Be mindful to check the taxes and pensions before you make a big move and what you might be entitled to. 

Long Breaks

Without a work schedule or children, you need to take care of under your roof, you are free to head off for a few months to new locations. You might choose a beachside location for a little while or just a new city for a couple of months. You have a home base that you can go back to when you want to and if you need to, in the meantime spend chunks of time elsewhere. 


From the ages of 16-65+, we are so busy working, taking care of young families that the stuff we want to do in the form of hobbies falls entirely by the wayside. Ideally, though, you will have cultivated a hobby somewhere in the last few years of work, and it will be something that you can build on for the following years about retiring.

Learning to play chess, Sudoku, music instruments, or even dance classes if you are into physical activities. They are all great for filling time, and most of them will have local clubs or organizations that you can join. 


If you are no longer in full-time employment and choose not to take on an encore job, then you might consider volunteering. This could be anything from mentoring children, community garden projects, hospital work, or working in your local library. If you are particularly skilled in certain areas, you might even host skills workshops where you can pass on what you know to people who want to learn it. 

Take Classes

Be on the receiving end of someone else’s knowledge about retiring. If there has always been something that you want to learn – now is the perfect time to do so. You will be free to attend the classes no matter what time they are. A luxury many people don’t have!

If you are creative, you might like to check our painting classes, photography, or writing classes. So that you can produce something you can keep. Salsa and ballroom dancing are great for staying active, and if you really want to go all out, then you can take a whole degree!

If you have more disposable income and more time, it makes sense to try and do those things that you perhaps didn’t always have time for in your younger years. Making sure that you don’t stay cooped up in the house all day, get out there and make new friends.

Have an extra hour or two in bed, try new things, and enjoy the time that you have to the fullest. Of course, one of the most enjoyable things is to spend time with family and especially any grandchildren you might have. 

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