New Year’s Resolutions That Will Save You A Ton Of Money

New Year's Resolutions can save you money!

In the final weeks of the year, we are looking forward to a new year. With a new year comes resolutions that millions of people make to change. Some New Year’s resolutions are often forgotten mere weeks into the next year, while others are year long goals and finally accomplishments come December.

Resolutions save you money if you keep them which is of course the hardest part of making them. But, it doesn’t have to be impossible. There are many common goals that people make, but these New Year’s Resolutions can save you money in the New Year:

Quit smoking

A popular resolution is for people to stop smoking. Smoking is a bad habit and a pretty expensive one too. According to Daily Finance, smokers spend roughly 14% of their income on cigarettes. A pack can run you about $4 on the low in and around $10 on the high end. That’s a lot of money!

If your new year’s resolution is to quit smoking, you will not only be taking a step toward better health, but also towards financial independence. Imagine if you put that 14% in your savings account. For someone making $30,000/year, that’s $4,200 saved!

Savings could also be the reason why most smokers are making the switch to vaping herbs and essential oils. Check out to see what portable vaping is all about.

Drink less alcohol

Whether you’re a social drinker or drink a little more liberally, alcohol can be on your list of things to reduce or completely get rid of in 2013. Bottles of wine and cans of beer have increased in cost along with everything else, and you’re looking to put a moderate dent in your wallet if you’re ordering drinks when you’re out to eat or enjoying nightlife every so often.

Even if you commit to drinking strictly at home and only on the weekends, compared to if you enjoy happy hour weekly, you can find yourself with a nice reserve of cash.

Go back to school

Going back to school can cost money initially, but if you’re going back to receive a degree or a certificate, you can put that towards your job and expect a pay bump. Returning to school is a great goal to have, and can be rewarding in both knowledge and extra income. Which leads to the next resolution. 

Get a better job: Working at a job you loathe can be completely draining, so maybe your new year’s resolution is to get a better job. Armed with your extra education or improved skills, you’re ready to take on the job market. Revamp your resume, apply to multiple jobs, and make follow up contact as well. Reach out to your network to see if anyone you know knows of a position that’s open.

You know the saying, it’s not always what you know, but who you know. Getting a better job can also mean earning more money, which allows you to save more money as well. One way to keep this New Year’s Resolution: – Find Your New Job Here – Start Your Free Search Now.

Lose weight

Weight loss is on the top of millions of resolution lists. While gym memberships and “miracle weight loss pills” will cost you money, achieving your goal of weight loss can save you money in doctor’s visits and other health related expenses. It doesn’t cost a fortune to lose weight. The next resolution can help you on this journey.

Eat better

Eating better can seem daunting at first, and maybe expensive, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll notice your grocery bill decreasing. Do you know how much money you spent on junk food this year? Too much is probably the answer. When you eat the right food, you won’t have to spend your money on junk, and you won’t want to either. Cooking at home as opposed to eating out will save you money and help you achieve your weight loss goal.

Get out of debt

Debt is a huge obstacle to overcome, but it’s definitely possible to do in the new year. Obviously, the less you spend on outstanding debt, the more you have to save. Make a plan to aggressively pay off those bills, credit cards, and loans. Paying down your debt faster will save you money in interest, and getting out of debt frees up that money for other goals.

One way to keep this New Year’s Resolution: Consider joining SavvyMoney and Debt Goal. SavvyMoney is designed for borrowers who have the means to pay off debt, but need help creating and sticking to a plan that will get them out of debt most effectively. Another way is to consider Dave Ramsey’s Debt Snowball Method to pay off your debts.

Spend less

Spending less on unnecessary items will reflect an immediate savings. Maybe you’ll commit to brown bagging your lunch, or making your coffee at home. Maybe you’ve found where you impulse shop the most and avoid making those purchases. You can cut your cable bill, or find an alternative commute to work.

Find ways you can cut your spending in the new year, and put that money in your savings account. One way to keep this New Year’s Resolution: Look at joining to manage all of your financial accounts all in one place and help you monitor your spending.

There are many common goals that people make, but these New Year’s Resolutions can save you money in the New Year. New Year’s Resolutions save you money when you keep them. Here are a few tips to keep them.

Have you started to think about your New Year’s Resolutions for the New Year yet? How are you going to keep those resolutions? Resolutions save you money if you keep them which is of course the hardest part of making them. But, it doesn’t have to be impossible.

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5 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolutions That Will Save You A Ton Of Money”

  1. Alcohol and dining out do in both me and my budget. I’m going to try to dine out less (and drink less as a result), which will hopefully help me lose a few pounds and save a few bucks!

  2. We cook at home often, but I have to focus more on those recipes being healthy. I’m a big fan of words like “butter” and “fried” which aren’t great…..

  3. Drinking and especially smoking seem like such colossal wastes of money, with the latter being a clear choice of not valuing health either (and more importantly). With respect to drinking in general, water is great for you and incredibly inexpensive. A great combination.


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