The Three Best Online Shopping Tips And Tricks I Have Heard All Year

Online Shopping Tips And Tricks

Scott Elling from has several incredible online shopping tips and tricks for saving a ton of money this holiday season. I recently interviewed Scott for next week’s “Your Money: Your Choices” Podcast, and I just couldn’t hold back these tips until the podcast airs next Monday. They are that good!

We talk about Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas sales, and much more on the podcast. So, you’ll want to check it out this Monday, November 25th. We also discuss how consumers can get the most bang for their buck through coupons, coupon codes, and so much more.

Scott let all of his secrets slip out in this interview! You won’t want to miss what Scott has to say about this holiday season and the deals consumers are going to score! Also find out the super cool and unique way that he saved hundreds of dollars on furniture with an incredible coupon secret that I have never heard of before.

This one secret alone on how to save money with coupons is insane, and I’m saving this best tip just for the podcast. You’ll have to listen to find out how he saved hundreds! So, without further a do, here are three incredible online shopping tips and tricks for you to save money while shopping online. It is like the life hacks of shopping both with and without coupons!

Three of the Best Online Shopping Tips and Tricks to Save Money

Tip #1 – Has something you bought at full price just gone on sale or have a killer coupon? Ask for a refund of the difference. Many stores will honor coupons even after you have purchased the item. I saw this the other day at Bed Bath & Beyond. I forgot to bring my coupon in with me, but they will honor it afterward by just returning to the store with your coupon and receipt.

Tip #2 – Don’t forget about price matching! Price matching can be a great way to save money with coupons, and it is something that we often forget to ask about while in a store. Find out in the podcast exactly how Scott does his own price matching combined with a little showrooming! Scott told me that he uses to find out a store’s policies. This is a great resource that will let you review a store’s shipping or return policies before you make a purchase.

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Tip #3 – If you are looking for a great deal, use your shopping cart as a weapon. If you throw items in your online shopping cart and then abandon it, you will often get a follow-up email from the website. A lot of times you’ll get a nice coupon along with an email reminder to finish your purchase. That’s a great deal and a great way to save a ton of money using coupons not even available to the public!

Don’t forget to check out next week’s podcast on Monday, November 25th to find out several other great online shopping tips and tricks that you can use. There were a lot more that Scott shared with me such as how he saved hundreds of dollars on new furniture for his office. I had honestly never heard of this method of finding the best coupons.

I hope to save some online shopping tips and tricks for next week’s podcast or you won’t listen. You won’t want to miss it. Download the podcast on iTunes!

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  1. Nice tips! With Black Friday and Cyber Monday being just around the corner, I definitely want to prepare. As an avid bargain shopper, I usually browse sites such as Ebay, Amazon, and Zappos to find the best bargains.


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