OVLG: Save big on your debts, protect your rights and reputation

Oak View Law Group (OVLG) is a leading law firm in the US providing debt reduction services at affordable fees. Apart from the debt relief services, this CA registered law firm also offers various kinds of financial legal services for protecting the rights and reputation of consumers.

Oak View Law Group helps to settle unsecured debts (payday loans, medical bills, credit card bills, utility bills, charged-off accounts, collection accounts) at low fees. This FTC compliant law firm charges a success fee of 15% on the total debt enrolled, which is less than what other debt relief firms are demanding nowadays. You have to pay a $50 monthly consultancy fee but that is adjusted with the success fee at the end of debt settlement. So at the end of the program, you’re the winner in both ways. You save a huge chunk on your debts and you save on the fees – a total win-win situation.

Law firms like OVLG don’t charge any upfront fee for its debt consolidation or debt settlement services. Moreover, this CalBar registered law firm has a No Result Refund policy, which makes OVLG unique and exceptional in comparison to the other debt relief companies. The law firm gives 100% refund if its clients are not satisfied with its debt consolidation and debt settlement services. If you need debt help, call the Toll-Free number (800)-530-OVLG for a no-obligation free debt counseling. The Financial Coach will tell you all about the possible solutions.

Like any other debt settlement program, you stop making payments to your creditors and deposit into an escrow account set up by OVLG. The Financial Coach of OVLG decides the amount you pay on the basis of your affordability, the debt amount, and the tenure of the program.

OVLG is a BBB registered law firm with a 4.5 rating from Trustlink and 80% client satisfaction rate. So it scores bonus points on the ‘trustworthy’ factor. But if you want to be 200% sure about their credibility, check out the 433 video testimonials in their ‘reviews’ section. You can verify if ‘clients really come first’ for OVLG, which is their tagline.

The law firm has a strong attorney hub to protect your reputation, legal rights, and money. The law firm offers defamation protection and automatic stay violation protection to protect your reputation. So if you’re getting collection calls even after filing bankruptcy, OVLG can help you to penalize your creditors.

One of the biggest advantages of working with a law firm like OVLG is that you can penalize debt collectors for violating the FDCPA laws. If the debt collectors call you after 9pm or before 8am, it’s a FDCPA violation. In that case, the attorneys can help to file a lawsuit against the debt collectors and get $1000 from them.

OVLG is different from other law firms in various ways. The law firm strives to increase consumer education on financial matters with its articles and infographics. It has a section on the state laws where you can learn about the regional debt collection laws, payday loan laws, bankruptcy laws, and debt consolidation laws in detail.

The law firm offers a few online debt payoff calculators to figure out how much you can save with each debt relief program. Basically, these calculators help you make a comparative analysis of all the debt elimination programs like debt settlement, debt consolidation, debt management, and bankruptcy before reaching any conclusion.

Two things deserve special mention in this review on OVLG. The first one is their client secure area where you can track the progress of your accounts anytime. You can find out how many accounts have been settled till now and what more needs to be done. You can also create a ‘support request’ if required.

The second one is their mobile application. You can download it and get the latest updates on your accounts 24*7. You can get a clear picture of your financial life and decide what to do next.

OVLG has helped more than 5900 clients to save big on their debts and attain financial freedom. If you have debts and want to settle them, then call (800)-530-OVLG to know your options. You can also chat live with the Financial Coach online. Just send your message and the Financial Coach will be there to solve all your queries.

If you’re in trouble, legal or financial, you can call OVLG and attend their no-obligation FREE counseling session at least once. You won’t lose a penny and can find out if what’s written in this review is really true. Who knows, you might even sit down and be the next one to review OVLG!

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