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We all know how important it is to save enough money for retirement, but do you know how much is truly enough? Personal finance experts are divided when it comes to the magical number you should strive for. It honestly varies from person to person.

The problem is that people often make misguided assumptions about retirement, such as “I’m too young to think about retirement planning yet,” “I have plenty of time to start saving,” and even “I deserve to travel and live life before hunkering down to plan for retirement.”

The most important thing you should do is start saving for retirement early and worry about more precise calculations once you get the ball rolling on your savings strategy. 

To help you determine how much money you need in savings and investment accounts before you can comfortably retire from your current job, offers an ideal solution. While there are plenty of useful budgeting tools available for smartphones and Internet users, is preferable to those alternatives because the organizational system is incredibly user-friendly and designed specifically for retirement planning.

If you’re ready to get serious about your retirement goals, then here are some reasons why your future depends on Review

Will Your Savings Last Throughout Retirement?

Did you know that one-third of all Americans have nothing saved for retirement? Another 20% or so have less than $10,000 saved so far. That’s terrifying!

Imagine reaching retirement age and having to continue working because there’s no way a small monthly check from Social Security can cover all of your regular expenses, not to mention unexpected medical bills for the rest of your life.

Think you’re safe from this nightmarish scenario? Unfortunately, other research has found that 76% of Baby Boomers are not confident they have enough money saved for retirement, and 67% of Boomers wish they had started saving earlier. This is a real problem affecting a lot of people, though it is likely due to a lack of awareness about retirement planning strategies more than a blunt refusal to prepare for their futures.

If you want to avoid the possibility of having to return to the workforce after retiring, then offers an enormous help to consumers who want to maximize their retirement savings and accurately predict their future financial situation.

Simple Budgeting Tools

The biggest advantage of is that it comes with many more features than the free budgeting calculators you can find anywhere online. Whereas a regular budgeting calculator can’t personalize your results or automatically account for inflation and other cost-of-living changes, completely customizes your budget. It also develops highly accurate forecasts for your future budget using your current data and projected lifestyle needs several years down the line.

With this nifty tool, you won’t have to resort to a “hope for the best” strategy to achieve your retirement planning goals. Instead, you’ll be able to determine how much you’ll need to cover regular expenses and potential emergency expenses in your post-working years. This way, you will know in advance how much money you need to retire. That will minimize the possibility of running out of money before you pass away.

Plan for Your Future

Take control of your financial future by investing in tools that are designed to help you plan for every possible scenario. outshines the other online budgeting calculators by catering specifically to individuals and couples who are in the middle of planning for retirement. Even if retirement seems like a far-off fantasy right now, you simply can’t afford to wait.

Access to involves just a one-time payment of $54. This is a comparatively tiny investment when you consider the serious consequences of failing to save enough money to sustain your desired lifestyle throughout retirement.

Planning for your post-career life doesn’t need to be difficult or boring, and this high-tech budget calculator can help you determine everything from how much retirement income you’ll need to areas in your budget where you can trim down your expenses.

Instead of relying on the free calculators that forget to account for things like lifestyle inflation or cost-of-living increases 10+ years in the future, sign up for today to secure a future of security and prosperity for yourself tomorrow. Review

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