Top 3 Cost-Effective Ways You Can Save on Electricity Bill

Steps to Keep Energy Bills in Check

We all want to make big savings every time, and the good thing is, we don’t need to look much farther than our homes. There are many hassle-free ways to cut costs on electricity. Let us check out some of the better and more cost-effective ways to save on electricity bill.

Opt for Small Neon Bulbs

Although it is a little advancement for your home, using CFL bulbs will undoubtedly cut the utility bill by approximately $25 yearly. CFL lights use one-third of the power of other conventional light bulbs. CFLs also last 10 times longer than other lights.

By saving electricity, the homeowner pays fewer bills and does their part to keep the environment healthy. It is a fact that CFL lights cost more than regular bulbs, but as they use less electricity and last longer, it is worth the extra cost.

Unplug Rarely used Machines

Maybe you are aware of the idea that unplugging idle machines or appliances can save on electricity bill. Well, it is true! Anything connected to an electric outlet drains energy, even if it is off.

You will not see a massive drop in your electricity bill, but still, unplugging rarely used home equipment can save on electricity bill a little money every month.

Hotter isn’t Usually Better

Does your house have an electrical hot water heating unit? Hot water usage may be the cause of one-fourth of the monthly electricity bill. The good thing is, there are actually 3 simple adjustments you can easily make that will certainly reduce your energy bill.

Do not worry – all these changes never include having a cold shower!

  • Laundering the clothes in warm water wastes lots of electrical power and, in the end, money. While washing clothes, make use of normal cold water if you can, and you will see that your next month’s electricity bill is a bit less.
  • Wash clothes and dishes economically. Never run half loads in the dishwasher or washer.
  • Touch the heater tank. If it’s hot to the touch, the tank has to be insulated. For just 20 bucks, you can buy a jacket to cover the water heater tank. The particular jacket insulates your tank and may result in financial savings as high as 7 % on your bill.

Hang out, Man

Cooling and heating make up about 50 % of the total electrical power utilized in typical households.

In order to save on electricity bill, compare the electricity market with iSelect for the best rates or just use the air conditioning unit when you need it. If you are going out of town or maybe just going to the office, turn off your air conditioner.

You may also set the thermostat to turn on or off at a specific time. Another cost-effective way to cool off is to switch on your ceiling fan. Fans can help a room feel a couple of degrees cooler. Just don’t forget to turn off your fan once you leave your room!

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