Do These 3 Things to Sell Your House Fast and for Maximum Profit

Why is my house not selling?

Don’t panic! I’m not about to start recommending that you bake some bread or put chocolate chip cookies in the oven when people come over for an open house. Instead, in this post, I want to focus on the practical aspect of your property that will make it more appealing to buyers, sell your house faster, and ensure you can ask for the highest price. Please keep reading to find out what they are. 

How to Sell Your House Fast

Create a great first impression 

Most posts on creating a great first impression for your property will talk about curb appeal, and jazzing up the front facade of your house. Indeed, such work is an important aspect of creating a positive first impression. 

However, it’s not the only thing that can be done to make sure prospective buyers fall in love with your home as soon as they set eyes on it. An often ignored but also vital area is the entryway to your home. In particular, it must be clean, freshly painted, and in good condition to create a positive impression. Be sure to remove any clutter and create as much of a sense of space as you can, too, as this can help influence potential buyer’s feelings on the rest of the home. 

Upgrade lighting, appliances, and tech 

Tech evolves so quickly these days. It can seem as if trying to stay on top of the trends in your home is impossible. However, be warned, prospective buyers, like to know that, at least, their basic tech needs will be covered in any home they are considering buying. 

What this means is contemporary lighting fixtures, along with good quality white goods in working order. Heating and cooling tech is also important to buyers, so make sure you use an HVAC service to check your old system or install a new one before your home goes on the market. Smart thermostat controls that can be operated through a cell phone are always a good idea, as buyers know that being in control of the temperature can help them be more comfortable and save money. 

Repair any pet damage 

I know that for most of us, our beloved fur babies are far more than just pets. They are vital members of our family. Unfortunately, that can sometimes mean that we end up turning a blind eye to their mischief, which can include chewing and scratching walls, falls, and furniture. 

Of course, this type of damage will be glaringly obvious to anyone looking around your home to buy it, so making repairs is essential. Oh, and don’t forget to provide your pets with additional toys and scratching posts, so they are less likely to repeat the damage all over again. 

Also, while you are at it, remember that even the cleanest and well-groomed pets can have a distinctive smell. To that end, airing out your home before viewings, as well as thoroughly cleaning soft furnishings, is an excellent idea. Some sellers even make sure their pets aren’t in the home when they hold viewings for this reason. 

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