Why You Need the Truebill App

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The Truebill app will help you control your monthly bills and subscriptions. With the app, you can seek out unwanted subscriptions and cancel them. Once you identify the subscriptions that you want to cancel, you will let Truebill take care of the cancellation process. It saves you from the stress of spending time on the phone negotiating a bill or terminating it.

So what does the Truebill App Offer?

Truebill provides you with a variety of intriguing services. They include:

  • Helping You to Budget Effectively

When someone notices that they are spending a lot on subscriptions and bills, they will want to cut down their monthly spending. Truebill offers a budgeting feature. The good thing is that you can use the app to track your spending.

You will be able to see your expenditure per category every month, and you can set a budget for every category. It is an ideal way to track your way toward achieving your financial goals.

  • Tracking and Lowering Your Bills

Many people pay their bills monthly without considering if there can be room for negotiation. The truth is that there is room for negotiation on the bills, and one can save thousands of dollars every year they put in the additional effort.

The reason may be that someone may not want to engage the customer representative over the phone. Truebill carries out the difficult task of negotiating for a discount on your behalf. You may need to grant the Truebill app access to your online account or upload a recent bill.

  • Saving on Your Electricity Bill

Some areas may have unregulated electric power, giving room for swings in prices. Truebill will take advantage of the unstable prices and will help you negotiate for a lower price per kW regularly. As a result, you will be able to save on your power bill.

  • Managing Subscriptions

Subscriptions are many, from your favorite TV streaming services, monthly dog food delivery, and many more. You may have so many subscriptions and biils that you can lose track of some of them. Truebill helps track and manage the subscriptions on your behalf.

Linking the Truebill app with your bank account enables you to see all the automated payments in the Recurring Payment tab. You can browse through and check if there is anything you can cancel. Also, your utomated paymenyts appear on a visual calendar to remind you of the next bill dates.

  • Monitoring Service Outages

For paid services, one needs to receive a refund if there are any outages because they mainly occur following issues on the provider’s end. Many providers will not automatically give you a refund to compensate for the outage.

Truebill monitors the occurrence of any outages and requests refunds when appropriate. It eliminates the worry of having to negotiate for refunds. As much as one can monitor outages by themselves, it is time-consuming. Truebill takes the responsibility.

  • Allocate Money Toward Your Financial Goals

Truebill has the Smart Savings feature, which helps with budgeting.  As such, you can spare some money on automated services to help you in working towards saving goals. Using automation will help you save and get closer to your saving goals over time.

So why do you need Truebill?

In the modern world, automation works to save the time and stress involved in going through bills and subscriptions.  Ideally, automation makes it easier for someone to achieve their financial goals. One no longer worries about late or surprise payments anymore.

However, your bills and subscription may grow out of hand because everything gets paid automatically, and you do not counter-check.  Truebill offers you a way to track, make payments, and budget for expenses. It enables you to get rid of unwanted subscriptions and only pay for the services that you need.

You will be able to eliminate unnecessary subscriptions and cut on bills without using too much effort. Almost everyone works with automatic bill pay and occasionally pays for unwanted bills.  The app helps to eliminate all the risks and limitations of automation. 

Bottom Line

Truebill offers a lot of advantages, and everyone needs to take advantage of the app. With Truebill, you do not need to worry about any surprise bills. The app arranges your bills on a calendar, and you can have an overview of when the subsequent bills will be due.

Additionally, it gives you a platform to easily budget your finance. Budgeting is essential as one can allocate money for savings, thereby moving towards their financial goals.

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