How Zeqr Works and the Benefits of Becoming a Zeqr Expert

Zeqr logoWhat is Zeqr and how does it work? What are the benefits of using it and how do you become an expert? Zeqr is a new global knowledge hub. Zeqr is going to change how knowledge is exchanged on a global level, leading to a better informed and more knowledgeable world. 

Zeqr is unique because there are no other platforms offering peer-to-peer, real-time sessions, and courses along with service offerings. Zeqr can also help experts develop a new source of income as they give classes and webinars to paying customers looking to gain knowledge in a wide range of subjects on the site.

What Is Zeqr?

 Zeqr is a marketplace that is a new global knowledge hub and sharing platform designed to connect experts to those looking for advice or to become better informed. The site allows people to learn from one of the experts on Zeqr or to share their experiences as an expert. Zeqr allows people to share ideas and their knowledge with others through one on one mentorship, classes, webinars, and videos.

How Does Zeqr Work?

How Does Zeqr Work?

Whether you want to become an expert or if you want to learn something, the first step is to signup for an account. If you join Zeqr as an expert, then you can offer your knowledge for a price through classes or one on one tutoring.

But, if you joined Zeqr to learn things, then you can simply pay an expert to teach you via video or classroom-style webinar teaching. 

Zeqr handles the payments. So, there’s no need to worry about how to pay an expert for his or her time or how to get paid if you become an expert in a field. There are many categories available on Zeqr and the categories cover a wide range such as beauty, finance, academics, communications, internet marketing, and so much more.

Benefits Of Becoming a Zeqr Expert

There are many benefits to becoming an expert on Zeqr. The site gives you the opportunity to earn money by teaching others and sharing your knowledge. If you join as a non-expert, then you can search for classes/knowledge being taught via over 60 categories.

The platform is easy to use and making payments and receiving payments is easy too. If you want to experience all of the benefits of using the site, then join today or chat with someone live if you have any questions about Zeqr. The introduction videos on the site are especially interesting and informative on how the process of online learning and sharing your knowledge takes place and gets you paid!

Becoming An Expert

All you have to do is join Zeqr using your Facebook, LinkedIn account, or your email address to create an account directly with Zeqr. After you join, you will be able to offer classes, but you will want to create material, such as written content and videos, or you can teach live via live cam or a webinar atmosphere.

When your course goes live, you simply just have to wait for people to find the class you’re offering. When they make a purchase. After you have fulfilled the order, then you will receive payment for the class. It is as simple as that.

If you’re interested in becoming an expert or if you want to learn something new or become better informed about a specific topic, then be sure to visit The site is easy to use, and it doesn’t take long to signup for an account and start using it. Visit the Zeqr today and learn more about it.

Note – This post was sponsored by Zeqr. All opinions are entirely my own.

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