Is Pet Insurance Worth the Cost?There are millions of pet owners in the U.S., which means pet supplies and veterinary care creating a multi-million dollar industry. Most of us would do anything to keep our favorite furry friends safe and sound, but at what cost? Even with adequate preventative care, veterinary bills still cost a fortune for some injuries and ailments, which can be disastrous for individuals and families who are already struggling to pay for their own health care-related expenses.

While human health insurance is assumed to be the answer to our species’ high health care costs, comparatively few pet owners have taken out pet insurance policies for their animals’ veterinary bills. There could be a variety of reasons for this – ranging from a lack of knowledge surrounding the potential costs of veterinary care to people assuming that pet insurance just isn’t “worth it” because nobody else seems to have it – though the fact remains that the cost versus risk calculation for pet insurance is still unclear for most pet owners.

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Is Pet Insurance Worth the Cost?

If you’ve considered taking out a policy for your cat, dog, or exotic pet, here are a few considerations to make before signing any paperwork:

Average Costs of Pet Insurance

The average cost of pet insurance (typically charged on a monthly basis) varies widely, depending on the type of policy/coverage, type of animal, and insurer. You can expect to pay between $10-80 per month for pet insurance on average, with lower end policies coming with high deductibles, annual caps, and more restrictions on what types of veterinary expenses are covered.

However, it’s worth mentioning that even higher-end policies may not cover 100% of your vet bills, and some pet insurance plans require that you pay your vet bills in full first, then receive a reimbursement later on after you’ve filled out the appropriate paperwork. [click to continue…]

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There are many reasons to sell mutual funds.I am a buy and hold investor. I do not like to sell many of my investments. I’m decades away from retiring, and I’m a long-term investor, to say the least. It takes a lot for me to sell mutual funds that I own.

But, I have been known to transfer the assets from one mutual fund or mutual fund company to another one based on certain criteria. There are times that it is best to just sell your mutual funds and let them go.

Things change. Investing philosophies and goals change. Those are the reason to sell mutual funds.

Four Reasons When To Sell Mutual Funds

Fund Manger Changes Direction

You purchase a mutual fund based on its fund manager and the fund company’s investing philosophy and their stated agenda. Sometimes fund managers start deviating from their investing strategy based on conditions in the market and what is working.

It is called style drift when a manager starts sliding away from their original investment’s intent. Maybe your international mutual fund is started to drift into a global type mutual fund. Maybe your large capitalization mutual fund has started buying smaller cap stocks. You should continue to monitor your mutual funds’ performance and also read its prospectus to find out if its investing philosophy is changing over time.

Portfolio Rebalancing

One great reason that most people sell mutual funds is to rebalance their investment portfolio. Now is a great time to consider rebalancing your portfolio of investments. Most financial experts and planners recommend rebalancing your portfolio at least once per year to keep your asset allocation in check.

Maybe you have one type of mutual fund category in your portfolio has done better than others. Now you can have too much of your investment allocation over-weighted in one category over another. So, portfolio rebalancing is a reason to sell a mutual fund. [click to continue…]

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