How to Save on College Student ExpensesIf you’re a recent college graduate or about to graduate this year, there are several financial considerations to make that you didn’t have to think about while you were still in college. You should think about making money moves right now before you graduate from college. Now is the time to start thinking about your financial future.

Money Moves to Make Right After Graduating College

Although planning out your short and long-term financial situations may seem like a chore when you’re in the midst of writing essays and studying for tests, here are three extremely important things to consider for soon-to-be graduates.

Figure Out Student Loan Repayments

If you’re drowning in student loan debt after graduation, then your first priority should be getting on track to start paying off your loans. There are several options available for paying off your student loans, including income-based repayments for federal loans, refinancing your private student loans, and possibly even finding a job that will pay off your student loans for you.

Once you figure out how you can pay off your student loans, your next step is determining when you need to start (it’s usually not right away, but 4-6 months after finishing your credential or degree) and how much you should pay off.

The federal government’s student loan website has a nifty student loan repayment calculator to help you determine how much money you should put towards your student loan balance each month. It can be advantageous to pay off more than your minimum payment because this will decrease the timeframe of the loan as well as save you tons of money on student loan interest.
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Open a Lending Club IRA and boost your retirement


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Sam’s Club is an American membership-only warehouse chain owned by Walmart. It was founded back in 1983 and named after Sam Walton (the Walmart founder). Having more than 50 million U.S. members (including Puerto Rico), it is the 8th largest retail chain in the U.S that has some fierce competition from Costco and BJ’s Wholesale Club.
Sam’s Club is committed to becoming the most valued membership organization by offering amazing prices on the items their members buy the most. They offer a multitude of items at a significantly lower price, including electronics, appliances, furniture, office products, jewelry, outdoor and patio products, designer goods, flowers, household cleaners, baked goods, meat, dairy, and more. 

Sam’s Club stores are truly warehouses with the items sold directly from steel cages and pallets. It goes without saying that only members can purchase at Sam’s Club – with the exception of the pharmacy, café, eye exams, gasoline, and liquor. In addition, Walmart newspaper ads contain a one-time 60-day pass to Sam’s Club (with an added 10% surcharge), which customers can use to determine whether it pays off to become a member.There are three types of memberships:

  • Sam’s Savings ($45 per year)
  • Sam’s Business ($45 per year)
  • Sam’s Plus ($100 per year)

Active or retired military personnel (and their spouses) and college students have special discounts.

The perks of membership also include discounted or free access to the following services: auctions, auto buying, rental cars, optical, and cell phone plans.

Secret Ways to Earn Sam’s Club Savings

With all this being said, it definitely pays off to become Sam’s Club member. However, there are some hidden ways to save money at Sam’s Club – and we are here to explore them all.

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Open a Lending Club IRA and boost your retirement


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