CouponPal & Money Q&A Toshiba Chromebook Giveaway

Money Q&A is teaming up with the guys at CouponPal and a couple of other bloggers to giveaway a free Toshiba Chromebook to one lucky reader!

Unlike regular laptops, the Toshiba Chromebook is completely web-based. There is no need to install software. It’s all on the cloud. A Toshiba Chromebook uses Google’s Chrome operating system. With Google Chrome OS, users have access to Google Drive and other Apps even when you’re not connected to the internet.

You may remember CouponPal from previous articles here on Money Q&A. I’ve interviewed CouponPal’s CEO, Scott Elling, for the podcast. He also gave some incredible tips for saving a lot of money using coupons in some quite surprising ways. [click to continue…]


Why you shouldn't be short selling stocksFor many investors, experienced and novice alike, the idea of short selling stocks can be enticing. You can make money investing even if the stock market is in a downturn. You can earn a profit on days when others are losing money.

But selling a stock short can severely punish investors — especially if they don’t understand the risks.

What Is Short Selling?

You can win on a bet — no matter which way the stock is moving — as long as you’re guessing the right direction. Short selling allows you to invest in stocks even when you think that their share price will decrease.

Unlike typical long investors, who buy hoping that share prices will increase, being on the short side of the position, or a short seller,

is the exact opposite. You’re actually counting on the shares decreasing in value. Naturally, that’s a little counterintuitive for many investors.

When you think that a stock’s price will decline, you can tell your brokerage firm to short the stock for you. Essentially, you’re borrowing shares from the brokerage and then selling them; when — or rather, if – the price declines, you purchase the shares yourself at a lower price, return those “borrowed shares” to the brokerage, and lock in your profit. The brokerage earns a commission on the transaction and a small amount of interest in most cases, depending on how long you borrow the stock. [click to continue…]


Ten Top Insurance Payouts In Recent Years

Whether claims are due to natural disasters or man-made ones, the insurance industry has had several huge payouts to make over recent years. This list sums looks back at some of the biggest insurance payouts. The financial collapse – Billions There has not been a figure set in stone as to the amount lost in the […]

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How To Find Great Undervalued Stocks To Invest

It’s not easy to find a great stock. In almost every case, investors have already priced good and bad news about the company into the stock’s share price. But every once in a while, the market misprices a stock. So how do you find these hidden gems? A company’s price-to-earnings ratio, or P/E, is one […]

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Why I Don’t Mind Losing Money As A Landlord

I have a confession to make: I lose money on my rental property every month. But I’m OK with that. I’ve got a long-term plan. Or I’m still delusional and hoping for a turnaround in the housing market. Either way, I stubbornly refuse to lose $30,000 in home equity by selling. I’d rather pay $300 […]

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How I Am Struggling As An Accidental Landlord For The First Time

Last year, my wife and I joined the league of accidental landlords. We were upside down in our home and couldn’t sell it without taking a big loss. So after relocating for work, we decided to rent our house out. I thought it would be a simple endeavor to charge enough rent in order to […]

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