Upromise save for collegeWhen it comes to saving money for college, many students and parents are turning to extra jobs, grants, student loans, and scholarships. But, there’s another way that you can earn money for college. At Upromise, they’ve gone the extra mile and made it easy to save for college.

What Is Upromise?

You can join Upromise for free. That’s right, absolutely free of charge.

Once you’ve become a member you can begin shopping on the Upromise website through featured shopping partners. These are merchants that you are already shopping with, but by buying things through the Upromise website, you can earn money for your children’s college education.

You earn cash back by shopping online, going out to eat, registering your store (both drug store and grocery store) loyalty cards, booking travel arrangements, and other shopping tasks and experiences.

You can also apply for the Upromise Master Card to help you earn money for college even faster. For each purchase, you’ll be earning cash back on your card. When you have earned cash back, you have three ways that you can use this money.

How To Use Your Upromise College Savings

The first way that you can use your savings from Upromise for college expenses is to put it into a college fund for your child or children.

The second way is to pay down a student loan with the money that has accumulated in your Upromise account. And, the third way is to get your cash back returned to you via a check.

If you choose to open a college savings plan, you can set it up to directly deposit your cash back into this fund. This fund is ran through a Sallie Mae High Yield savings account.
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Benefits of a home warrantyIf you do not have a home warranty, then you may want to consider getting one. Whether you are selling your home, renting it as a landlord, or living in it yourself, there are quite a few benefits of a home warranty that you can take advantage of using.

Your Home Will Be Preferred By Buyers

If you want to make your home a preferred home to potential buyers, then you will want to have a home warranty plan on your home to help you attack buyers. When you have a home warranty, then the chances are there will be more potential buyers interested in buying your home.

A Gallup Poll revealed that 8 out of 10 buyers actually prefer to purchase a home that has a warranty plan. So, if you want to make your home more preferable, then get a home warranty plan for it.

Avoid Costly Home Repairs. Get An American Home Shield® Warranty Now!

Buyers Will Be Attracted To Your Home

As previously mentioned, home buyers will likely consider your home to be a preferred home when you have a warranty plan on it. That’s one of the benefits of a home warranty.

However, another one of the benefits of a home warranty is that you might end up attracting even more first-time home buyers. Many first-time buyers may not want to purchase a home without a warranty because they will not have a lot of money for things such as repairing systems, replacing systems, or even for appliances.

Therefore, you can provide them with peace of mind when you have a home warranty supplied with your home. If you want to attract more first-time buyers, then you should consider having a home warranty plan put on your home.

I used a home warranty from American Home Shield when I was an accidental landlord. It was a great selling point for my potential tenants and then our potential buyers when we were looking to sell our home.
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The Advantages Of Dividend Reinvestment Plans

Dividends are an important factor in making any investment decision. They have a significant impact on the overall return of a particular investment. While in the short term it may not seem like you could gain much from reinvesting small amounts of dividends, over the long-term you could be missing out on significant gains from the effect […]

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Kaiku Visa Prepaid Card Review – A Great Prepaid Debit Card

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Money Q&A Is Now On Instagram!

Follow us on Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest | Google + Money Q&A is now on Instagram! Be sure to follow the blog for some great inspirational quotes and pictures. We’ll also throw in some money and investing tips, and we have plans to launch an Instagram a few contests on Instagram very soon. So, […]

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Making Your Rent To Own Real Estate Attractive To Tenants

The following is a guest post on Money Q&A. Would you like to write the next one? If you would like to write an article for Money Q&A, please visit our Guest Posting Guidelines page. First impressions are very significant when renting out your property, minor things can quickly put potential tenants off, but making a few slight […]

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