Student Loan Hero ReviewHow far would you go to pay off your student loans? While 40% of borrowers from a recent survey would reportedly be willing to take a year off of their life expectancy in exchange for debt-free living, such drastic measures aren’t necessary thanks to helpful websites such as Student Loan Hero.

Student Loan Hero was founded by a man who struggled, yet successfully paid off over $100,000 in student loans. Given the shocking statistics surrounding student loans, he wanted to help others pay off their loans as efficiently as possible, which led him to create the free Student Loan Hero platform.

What Is Student Loan Hero?

Student Loan Hero is a fantastic resource to start if you’re looking for ways to pay off student loan debt faster.

Here are some key features you won’t want to miss about Student Loan Hero:

Student Loan Hero’s Features

Student Loan Hero’s dashboard was clearly designed for ease-of-use, with a simple navigation toolbar at the top and useful visuals to help you chart your loan repayment progress. Student Loan Hero’s purpose is pretty straightforward: to help other people repay their student loans faster by offering a vast database of information (on nearly every student loan-related topic imaginable). And, the site also links to useful websites to help folks lower their debt loads or learn whether their loans are eligible for one of the many available loan forgiveness programs.

Student Loan Hero even covers topics like student loan default to help anyone bogged down with educational debt get back on their feet without serious detriment to their personal financial situation. No matter where you’re at in your student loan repayment process – just took out loans, trapped in a seemingly endless cycle of debt, or on the verge of finally paying off your balances and need some more help – Student Loan Hero is a great resource for helping people with their student loans, free-of-charge.

Personalized Repayment Options

If you want to reduce your student loan interest payments, then consolidating multiple loans into one loan with a lower interest rate could be an ideal choice. Student Loan Hero lists several low-interest refinancing options from private lenders, with rates ranging from 2.10% to 9.85%, depending on your financial history and credit background.
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Free Tools to Research Your Family TreeThis post originally appeared on the Dealspotr blog. Dealspotr is the most accurate coupon site that pays you to save. I’m @moneyqanda on Dealspotr, use my link to join today and earn 5,000 bonus points.

Anyone who’s tried to dig into their family history online knows first-hand how time-consuming and frustrating this process can be. The do-it-yourself approach to finding your family tree for free may lead you down a series of blind alleys.

With that being said, we’ve decided to help you in your quest and share with you valuable information that will help you track your ancestors. And even though we will focus only on free tools, we simply have to mention the two giants in this industry that require a paid subscription. provides a searchable database for tracking down your ancestors. It is a self-service approach to digging into your family’s past.  The website allows you to search their records for deaths, births, divorces, marriages and baptisms in the U.S., U.K., Canada and other countries. In addition, you will be able to search through government archives, military records and immigration records.

This is a paid service – but it doesn’t have to be! You can take advantage of their free 14-day trial (which entails supplying credit card information) and simply cancel it before your free trial expires.

23andMe is another paid service that comes with many perks. They are a privately held personal genomics and biotechnology company that helps you explore your DNA and learn more about your ancestry. After providing a saliva sample (using a simple at-home kit) you can use their online tools to discover your distant ancestors and close family members. In addition, the provided saliva will help you identify your DNA code which makes us the way we are and influence our physiology, behavior, and appearance.

But enough with the paid services – let’s get back to our favorite FREE tools that will help track your ancestors.

16 Free Tools to Research Your Family Tree

1. Google – with more than 30 trillion pages included in Google’s index of the web, they are and always will be our number one tool for research. However, with so many pages, it can be hard to find exactly what we are looking for.

Google offers an indispensable assortment of tools helping people filter and find web pages, historical newspapers and books, photographs, detailed maps, satellite imagery, and videos. It even gives us the ability to take a virtual tour of the streets our ancestors walked many years ago.

By knowing essential Google filtering techniques, you’ll easily reduce the number of results obtained in the queries and increase the relevancy of the results.

How to start?

When trying to research your family tree for free, make sure to ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Who am I looking for?
  2. Where was he/she when a particular event occurred?
  3. When did the event take place?

These three questions are basically the foundation of genealogy. If you manage to answer them correctly, you’ll be able to track down your ancestors. Luckily for us, Google is designed to answer these questions and greatly increase the odds of learning more about our family tree. You just have to know how to ask.

When you want to research your family tree for free using Google, you should know that the keywords best-suited to help you find what you are looking for lie in answering the above-mentioned questions – who, where, and when.
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