Should You Ever Break Your Home Lease Early?

Save Money and Time with Your Short-Term Rentals

Most contracts between landlords and tenants include clauses about breaking a lease. In many cases, it’s possible to break a lease. Still, it’s going to cost you a pretty penny to do so (unless you have a very generous, forgiving landlord and/or a lot of advance notice, allowing them to fill the home with new tenants before your departure). If you’ve considered breaking a lease, your first step should always be thoroughly reviewing your lease contract to see what penalties (financial, legal) may be involved. It would help if you also read your state’s tenants’ rights laws to ensure your landlord isn’t trying to enforce an unenforceable clause when it comes to early lease terminations. Break Home Lease Early? Once … Read more

DiversyFund Review – Buy Shares of Multi-Family Real Estate

Most investors know the value of diversifying their portfolios, but few investors have access to the same assortment of options that mega-wealthy investors pour money into, such as multi-million dollar real estate projects and structures. For instance, Real Estate Investment Trusts (REIT) are popular options for investors who have a high net worth because the long-term capital appreciation on the properties frequently outpaces other types of investments (and is generally less volatile than investing purely in stocks). Until recently, however, REITs were very exclusive entities; everyday investors seeking higher returns through cash-flowing apartment buildings and commercial properties were mostly out of luck if they didn’t have the capital necessary to invest in these real estate projects on their own. Fortunately, … Read more

Insurance Companies Canceling Policies Might Not Be a Bad Thing

Can a Insurance Company Deny a Claim?

I saw a segment on the news recently that highlighted a family whose insurance company had canceled their renters’ insurance policy. The family in question filed two claims against their policy over the holidays after burglars broke into their home before Christmas and again just before New Year’s. As a result, their insurer dropped them. Of course, the timing was horrible, and the local media covered the story exhaustively. But I’m glad the insurance company canceled their policy, and you should be happy, too. Here’s why: What are the odds of a family having two robberies in such a short span of time? It’s very unlikely. In fact, such unusual circumstances are strong warnings of potential fraud. And while I don’t … Read more

Defining Normal Banking During COVID-19

The coronavirus outbreak has affected normal routines and ways of life all around the globe. Some countries have been hit worse than others, but everyone shares the same fears over the future of the economy and how to recover from the pandemic that has claimed hundreds of lives each day from the different parts of the world. And, it has affected banking during covid-19. Within the United States, the administration is working hard to make sure the financial systems stay strong in spite of the fear. In spite of the fluctuations with the stock market, the U.S. is still in strong economic shape and financial operations continue as normal. Is There a New Normal? In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, … Read more

Is Investing In A Classic Car The Next Investing Craze?

Is Investing in a Classic Car Right for You?

Are classic cars good investments? Is investing in a classic car the next big investing craze? If so, is it right for you? With TV shows about finding, fixing and flipping classic vehicles all the rage right now, it’s no surprise that investors burned by the real estate crash who are looking for a new get-rich-quick scheme are finding this one. Investing in a classic car offers the lure of a hefty potential profit, with a far smaller outlay of capital than a house requires. But is it a good investment — something you should consider to help diversify your investment portfolio? If you’re thinking about investing in a classic car, you don’t want to lose your shirt in the … Read more