Lifestyle Choices: Making the Decision to Buy a Second Home

Making the Decision to Buy a Second Home

To those who find it a challenge to manage their finances around one mortgage, the idea of buying a second home can seem like a stretch. There are good, workable ways to approach the idea of a second home. They call it the property ladder for a reason – once you have one home, moving to more properties becomes easier. Aiming to buy a second or third home shouldn’t even count as financially ambitious. Buying a Second Home If you’re like most middle-class families, you probably need to plan for and income of £50,000 a year once you retire. It can take a £1 million pension pot to make it happen. To most people, the property ladder is the only way … Read more

How to Get Affordable Motorcycle Insurance

How to Get Affordable Motorcycle Insurance

The simple fact that everyone has the ability to pursue freedom in his or her own way is what makes this country so great. When you think about driving across the open road, wind at your face, and truly being one with the road, it’s easy to fall in love with riding a motorcycle. But, it can be a struggle sometimes to find affordable motorcycle insurance. The problem is that motorcycles are traditionally a bit more expensive when it comes to insurance. The reasons are many: drivers of motorcycles tend to be younger, the bikes themselves are more flashy, and if a wreck does happen it can cause a lot more damage than something like a minivan would. Rather than … Read more

Using the ADX to Trade the Major Stocks Like a Pro

What Is A Stock Split?

Stock trading is not a child’s game. It is one of the most sophisticated investment businesses in the world. Those who are trading the stock market for a long period of time, knows the importance of timing and proper trade execution. If you do things in the wrong way, you are bound to lose money.  The majority of the traders in Hong Kong use the indicators to find the perfect setup in the stock market. But indicators need to be used in a very precise way. In fact, you need to know which indicators will suit them best. Choosing the wrong indicators can result in big losses and force you to lose money most of the time. ADX, often known … Read more

Have an Extra $1,000 in Your Savings Account? Here Are 3 Ideas!

Money Puzzle

Did you know that you’d only earn about $8 in interest if you put $1,000 in a savings account for 10 years? Where to invest 1000? The national average interest rate for savings accounts is a measly 0.08%, which is a drop in the bucket compared to the potential returns you could get if you invested that money instead of leaving it in a regular savings account. Of course, the next option – Certificate of Deposit – isn’t much better, with current rates hovering around 1-2% for 24-48 month terms ($40 in interest for a $1,000 CD at 24 months or $82 for the same amount at 48 months). Savings accounts are good for having easily accessible cash in case … Read more

Wismo Review – Budgeting and Expense Tracking Smartphone App

In an ideal world, humans would be great at keeping track of their own expenses and savings or we would have robots and algorithms smart enough to autonomously manage all of our financial matters for us. Since neither of these ideal scenarios exists, it’s up to us to figure out the best solutions for managing our finances, tracking our expenses, calculating our budgets and figuring out how to avoid/overcome common personal finance problems like accumulating debt or saving money inefficiently. There are plenty of budgeting apps, robo-advisor platforms and other great fintech apps available for everyday consumers today, but few offer the same social experience as Wismo, the budgeting and expense tracking app, made for people seeking self-improvement and social … Read more

What You Can Do to Increase Your Earning Potential

We all want to earn as much as possible in our careers, but it doesn’t always feel like we’re where we want to be in that regard. Luckily for you, there are lots of things you can do to start increasing your earning potential and showing your boss or other employers out there that you’re worth the money. Your earning potential is something you’re in control of and that’s what you should remember. If you want to earn more, now is the time to start doing more about it and acquiring the skills that’ll be capable of making that happen. Here are some of the most important things to think about and some of the strategies you might want to … Read more