The Cars with the Most Warranty Claims

‘Nearly new’ is the most popular age of the car to buy. 74% of car purchases involve a second-hand car. Buying a car can really suck. In an ideal world, we would all be buying the latest model of a well-engineered Tron vehicle from fairly priced dealerships, but that is never going to happen. More often than not, we buy our cars used and in questionable condition and have warranty claims. Cars with the Most Warranty Claims Fortunately, warranties and insurance exist to offer some protection for those who go through an authorized seller or manufacturer. You should also make sure that you conduct a VIN check before purchasing a new car. Buckle up and clear your cupholder, some of … Read more

What Does LBMA Mean in the Gold Industry and Why Does It Matter to Like Karatbars?

How To Store Gold and Precious Metals

Gold is a topic that does not get tiring to talk about. The yellowish precious metal is among the hottest topics when it comes to discussing finance, and so is the gold industry. Also, companies like Karatbars are constantly evolving and changing market dynamics. The gold industry is not only responsible for financial gold but for all sorts of gold products, including for beautification and adornment after the raw gold that is produced in the gold mines around the world is refined. Gold also has probably the richest history among all the precious metals. Alongside silver, gold is the most popular among the precious metals. Perhaps, its history of being used as a currency is a reason for gold being … Read more

Should You Work For Yourself? Things You Should Consider

Being an entrepreneur is a goal that many people hope for, especially with success stories like Mark Zuckerberg in the news. It seems so simple to make all your dreams come true just by coming up with the right idea and becoming your own boss. However, what the news rarely shows you are the tough decisions and the struggles that success stories go through before they’re financially set. So, the question remains. Should you work for yourself? There are many things that you must consider before you make that leap. The economy has improved, but it is still in relatively bad shape. If you currently have a job or stable career, you’re still considered lucky by millions of people. But … Read more

What Budgeting System Works For You And Your Family?


There are so many different budgeting tools and systems that you can use to help you manage your finances. We often get pigeonholed into one favorite system or another. Or, we only consider one option as the “right” way to budget. But, what budgeting system works best for you? How do you balance your checkbook? Balancing Your Checkbook Through The 1-800 Number I had this amazing conversation with a coworker last week, and it struck a chord with me and inspired a little bit of a revelation. I used to always joke with my wife. When I met her over 14 years ago in college, she was balancing her checkbook not with the typical register and reconciling method that so … Read more

Home Insurance Explained to Help Protect Your Largest Asset

Home insurance is an essential expense, given the exorbitant cost of living in this present world. After having to invest heavily in a new house, it is important for homeowners to plan for any unexpected repairs that may be required to ensure the structural stability and usability of the house. It is also equally important to secure personal possessions at all times. There are several types and levels of home insurance spanning coverage for the structure, contents, utilities, natural disasters and so on. The value of the policy varies and is usually based on the nature and extent of cover opted for. While the responsibility of insuring the building or structure largely lies with the owner of the property, insurance … Read more

5 Reasons Your Small Business Needs Professional Financial Advice

Running a small business is one of the most fulfilling professions a person can have. It takes a lot of courage to start something from scratch, making success milestones extremely rewarding. You have the freedom to create a work-life balance that suits your needs. Your small business needs professional financial advice. Another benefit of managing a business is that you are in control of gauging risk and opportunity in decision-making. With this responsibility comes the potential for big rewards. Many successful businesses started from nothing only to become enormous global enterprises through calculated risk-taking.  On the opposite side of the coin, many businesses fail because of poor decision-making. Responsibility for all aspects of a business can be stressful if it falls … Read more