Find Your Ideal Job and Build Your Dream Business

Following is a guest post by Kedma Ough, the author of “Target Funding: A Proven System to Get the Money and Resources You Need to Start or Grow Your Business“. If you’d like to contribute a guest post like this one about your ideal job versus entrepreneurship to Money Q&A, be sure to check out our guest posting guidelines. Is it possible to have your cake and eat it too? If there was a way to find your ideal job and build your dream business, would you consider both? Most people see this dichotomy and feel that they need to choose one dream over the other. The reality is that you can have both dreams so long as each doesn’t … Read more

What to Do Right Now If You Hate Your Job

What to Do Right Now If You Hate Your Job

It is a hard thing to get up every morning when you hate your job. Far too many Americans are stuck in jobs they hate, dead-end jobs, or work where they aren’t fulfilled. According to a recent study by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), only 29% of workers age 31 to 61 years-old say that they are very satisfied with their job. That’s a lot of other people in the workforce who either hate their job or just thinks that it is okay. So, what can you do if you hate your job? There are a few things you can do or moves that you can make to help position yourself to either transition to a new job … Read more

Top 5 Incredibly Easy Ways to Make Money While Getting in Shape

Ways to Find Great Gym Membership Discounts

If you’re like most Americans, getting or staying in shape is probably one of your top priorities for the new year. But, do you know how to make money while exercising? Another popular New Years’ resolution is managing finances better, whether you want to make more money online without wasting your time on low-paid surveys or boost your financial well-being by getting more involved in your investments. The problem with New Years’ resolutions is that most people’s motivation tends to wane after the initial spark of determination you get from the “new year, new you” mindset. If your own resolutions haven’t panned out too well for you in previous years, then why not combine your fitness and financial goals into … Read more

What Is Geo-Arbitrage? And How You Can Profit From It!

If you’ve ever dreamed of quitting your day job to travel the world, then you’re not alone. Many of us can only imagine having enough time and money to travel to our hearts’ delights, but rarely do we actually try to make it happen. There’s a reason why those stories about couples quitting their corporate jobs to live on sailboats or solo globetrotters living in different Airbnbs every week make the news. It doesn’t happen to most people! So how do these people do it? Do they have millions of dollars stashed away in investment accounts and inheritance funds to financially support themselves while traveling? In many cases, these extraordinary travel tales involve a little-known concept called geo-arbitrage, which essentially … Read more

How to Find the Perfect Work Life Balance at Your Job

How To Find The Perfect Work Life Balance At Your Job

Achieving a work life balance is often discussed, but infrequently agreed-upon by workers and their employers alike. While some people argue that it’s up to companies and managers to allow their employees greater flexibility in their careers to balance out their familial obligations and personal enrichment activities, others such as TED Talk speaker Nigel Marsh argue that it’s up to individuals to balance out their day jobs and personal lives on their own terms. According to the American Psychological Association’s annual “Stress in America” survey, stress and anxiety among American workers reached all-time highs this year. Work-related stress can lead to mental exhaustion, physical illness, and other detrimental consequences, so there has arguably never been a greater need for work … Read more

Why We Hate Salespeople – One Hurdle People in Sales Need to Overcome

How Clients Buy

The following is a guest post by Tom McMakin is the author of “How Clients Buy” (Wiley, 2017) and the CEO of Profitable Ideas Exchange (PIE). If you’d like to contribute a guest post to Money Q&A, be sure to check out our guest posting guidelines. A woman with a fuchsia jacket and large hoop earrings works to upsell us. “Are you interested in the cold-weather package and undercarriage protection.” A guy at the mall jewelry store with pants that hang impossibly low peers over the counter and says, “We find a good rule of thumb is three months’ salary on an engagement ring. Not sure what you make, but I wanted to show you this $15,000 princess cut.” Most of … Read more