Want to Save Money with No Extra Effort? The Honey Extension Can Help!

Honey Browser Extension

It’s not hard to find ways to save money while shopping online, but there is always room for improvement to efficiently find coupons and deals for websites you regularly shop at all the time. The Honey browser extension does just that: automatically find the best promo codes online and enter them for you during checkout so you can save money with no extra effort!

The Honey browser extension is completely free and available on many browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera). So, there is no reason to avoid trying out Honey during your online shopping sprees!

Save Money with the Honey Extension

Creating a Honey Account 

Joining Honey is simple: download the extension from Honey’s website and view it from the small icon in your internet browser’s toolbar. You’ll need an account to ensure your purchases are synched up with Honey (this is how you earn Honey Gold!), but otherwise, very little information is required up front to get started.

How Can Honey Save You Money?

Honey Browser Extension

Honey saves its users money in two ways:

1) Finding coupon codes and auto-applying them in the promo code box on a website’s checkout page, and

2) Offering Honey Gold bonuses on partners’ websites (including Yelp), even if no working coupon codes are available. The automatic coupon codes option is hands down one of the best benefits of Honey because you no longer have to search around for working promo codes on the web!

Honey will do all the hard work for you, and you might even get a better deal on purchases with a coupon code you hadn’t yet discovered. It’s incredibly user-friendly, too: when you have Honey downloaded to your browsers’ list of extensions, it will automatically appear on a checkout page and offer to find coupon codes for you. It usually tests several different codes and leaves the one with the biggest available discount in the coupon/promo code box so you can maximize your savings!

Honey also has a nifty option for Amazon shoppers: the “DropList.” If you add an item to your DropList, Honey will notify you when the price drops in the future so you can save money by simply waiting to make a purchase.

You can even see a history of the price of an item!

Honey Browser Extension

How Do You Earn Honey Gold?

In short: you earn Honey Gold from purchases made on websites Honey partners with. Honey gets a commission from sellers and shares some of it with you in the form of Honey Gold points. The best part about Honey is that even if the extension can’t find any working coupon codes for a particular website, you’ll still get a percentage bonus sent to you after completing your purchase (Honey’s website claims the bonus could be anywhere between 0-100% back on your purchase).

Typically, you’ll have to wait 60 days until the Honey Gold hits your account because they don’t want people scamming the system by making huge purchases and returning everything to get Honey Gold. Most retailers don’t allow returns after the 60-day window.

You can also earn $5 worth of Honey Gold (500 points) for each friend who signs up and makes a purchase using Honey.

Where Can You Find Honey Cash Bonuses? 

Tons of websites have partnered with Honey to help consumers get cash back on their purchases. Some websites where you can earn Honey Gold on your purchases include Groupon (0.1-5% bonus), Target (0.1-5% bonus), Macy’s (1-20% bonus), Walmart (1-10% bonus), eBay (1-5% bonus), Chegg (1-10% bonus), and much more! If you already shop on these websites semi-regularly, then you could be missing out on free cash-back if you don’t have Honey yet.

Honey Browser Extension

Redeem Honey Gold

When you’re ready to redeem your Honey Gold (you need a minimum of 1,000 Gold points to cash out), you can redeem for gift cards from Amazon, Sears, Groupon, Brookstone, or 1-800-Flowers. Gift cards start in increments of $10, and you can save up more Gold points if you want higher gift card amounts.

Anyone who shops online should have the Honey extension. Without it, you might be using less valuable coupon codes and missing out on awesome opportunities to get cashback on your purchases with zero effort required from you! It’s such an easy way to save money that everyone should at least try Honey for a bit – if you’re not impressed, you can delete your Honey account and uninstall the Honey extension from your internet browser. If you’re an avid online shopper, however, you’ll most likely want to keep Honey once you see everything this nifty little extension is capable of.

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