How Much Does a New Garage Door Cost?

[Disclaimer: This post was created in collaboration with Banko Overhead Doors, Inc.]

After noting the deep scratches from countless parking miscalculations, that hopelessly dented pane where your daughter’s killer soccer kick connected spot-on and rising energy bills associated with your garage door’s lack of proper insulation, its time to consider replacement.

How much will it cost? Check out Banko’s list of factors that directly influence the pricing of a new garage door.

How Much Does a New Garage Door Cost?


Do you have a single or double car garage? Most garage doors come in standard size, but some homes have larger or customized models. In general, the bigger the door, the steeper the price.


What will your new garage door be made of? Wood is traditional and easy to customize with paint color or stain to match your home’s exterior, but it requires vigilant upkeep to prevent warping. Wood composite is a more cost-effective option and does not need protective treatment.

Other possibilities include aluminum and steel. Installation cost should be included in price estimates for each material. The higher quality the material is, the more expensive it tends to be. High-quality materials also tend to last longer though, which can make them more cost-effective in the long run.


To properly consider insulation options, you first must understand R-value ratings. The R-value of a material denotes how much resistance it offers to temperature transfer. The higher the R-value, the better it insulates. High R-value materials are more expensive upfront, but offer increased savings over time.

Polystyrene and Polyurethane are two primary garage door insulation options. Polystyrene is light and easy to install, but traditionally only comes in thicknesses that offer low to middle-ground R-values. Polyurethane is sturdier and requires extra support during installation. It typically provides higher R-values of 10 to 17.5.


Is your house located in a hurricane zone? Do average winter temperatures in your area drop below freezing? In general, the more reinforcement or insulation necessary within any replacement project, the greater the cost.

How about sales tax and building codes? Check with your local land office for garage door replacement regulations that may affect your estimate.

Banko’s main packages include permits for installation. For example, a basic Banko bundle costs $944, which includes taxes (located in Florida), permits, single steel garage door with an operator, installation and one year warranty.


High-quality hardware and springs may have steep price tags, but they also add significant curb appeal as well as facilitate long-term maintenance. Customization features such as windows, color finish, and design panels tack on additional fees but increase your total investment return overall.


You’re backing this project with quite a bit of hard-earned cash, so consider protecting your purchase by having it professionally installed. Remember, this cost will include transport of materials, worksite prep, and cleanup as well as day-of labor. Check if installation fees also include warranty options for insurance purposes.

Once your final budget reflects these key factors and the replacement project is well underway, perhaps the only thing left to do is drive your daughter to the soccer field where she can practice in peace. And be mindful of your parking angle when you get back!

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