I Am Financially Struggling as a Nurse – What Can I Do?

Save Money on Medical Costs

Are you financially struggling with your money despite having a job as a nurse? This is an occupation that is vital in the healthcare system. However, it is also a job that can be underpaid and undervalued in society. With a lot of financial responsibilities, such as rent, bills, student debt, and other expenses, you may find it hard.

It is common for nurses to have financial problems. But the good news is that there are ways you can make extra money in your profession.

Start Medical Writing

A good way to make some money on the side is by starting medical writing. You can work freelance and use your skills for a number of medical websites. There are always companies that are looking for your specialties and it can be fun to create content. More importantly, they will pay you for your skills.

Become a First Aid Instructor

As a nurse, you are going to be very familiar with first aid procedures. These are the skills and knowledge you can use to make some extra cash. You can become a first air instructor since you already have the qualifications. You can teach others the importance of first aid and how they can save a life. In the meantime, you can make some money.

Consider a Loan Forgiveness Program

Do you have a lot of student debt that you are financially struggling to pay back? Perhaps it is time to consider loan forgiveness for nurses. The idea is that your student debt will be erased and you will not have to make any more payments towards it.

You will have to work with a certain employer to qualify for this program. But it can be especially good if you feel like your student debt is weighing you down right now. This can take a lot of pressure off of your finances. 

Enjoy Medical Transcription

If you have a computer and a reliable internet connection, you can become a medical transcriptionist. It may be beneficial to invest in a course to ensure you are certified.

But this is a good way to make some extra money on the weekend. Your duty is to listen to medical reports that have been recorded. Simple transcribe what you hear into a script that the company will use later on. With your medical background, this is going to make the job a lot easier to understand.

Help with Immunization

Before the flu season begins, there is going to be a need for nurses to carry out immunization. In other words, this is a seasonal opportunity that you can take part in for some extra money. Keep your eyes open for immunization nurse jobs and take part in the flu shot programs.

Work Overtime

If you really want to make more money in your job, consider taking on overtime. You can work extra hours and get paid for them. However, make sure that you do not burn out and take on too much. This will affect the quality of your work overtime.

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